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Tot Overall Through A List
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What does TOTAL mean? It stands for Tot Overall Through A List

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Look at the way Crooked Hillary is handling the e-mail case and the total mess she is in. She is unfit to be president. Bad judgement!

Slate just called me a "white nationalist." That's a total lie, and that's what the fake media does. They can't debate, they slur.

Does anyone else feel like girls are genuinely more interesting or is that the total les-bean in me

Strong Dem Broward + Orange Counties, FL surpassed total 2012 turnout as of 4pm. Amazing work, @HillaryforFL volunteers! #GOTVforHRC

No Mexico paying 4 wall, no total OCare repeal, no trade wars, no mass deportation. But tax cuts for rich still & Medicare now under attack.

How the hell is that not a personal foul for roughing the K? And now they're saying Carpenter has to leave the field? Total BS.

Wow, 1.3 million is official total according to Greater Cleveland Sports Commission. Bravo Cleveland

#MSDhoniTheUntoldStory is the BIGGEST OPENER in the biopic genre... Sat and Sun biz should add to a FABULOUS total. India biz.

What if I think you are a total sell-out & puppet for the NRA? What should I do then? Still retweet? Ok

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein combined have so far amassed twice the total of votes won by Ralph Nader in 2000.

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Wishing for a season 2 of #TotalBellas? WISH GRANTED! Get the scoop now:

DeAngelo Williams is now the 5th active NFL player with at least 7,500 rushing yards, 2,000 receiving yards & 60+ total touchdowns.

Listen, if Total Eclipse of the Heart is going to be on repeat in my head, it's going to be on repeat in yours, too. #TURNAROUNDBRIGHTEYES

Clinton Leads Popular Vote By Nearly 1.5 Million, Closes In On Obama 2012 Vote Total

Agree @rssurjewala. #Gurugram has seen many times more rains in a day in past- but never such a total mismanagement.

Clintons gave away $23.2M total since '01. Abt 1/4th went to Clinton Fdn. More details:

The 30 highest-paid celebrities under 30 earned a total of $1.5 billion in the past year:

The people who told you Benghazi was a nothingburger are having a total meltdown b/c Trump had dinner without them.

WE CAN NOT EVEN *TALK* ABOUT MUSLIM REGISTRATION No debates. We must #resist. Total disobedience. Shut down the entire nation if needed.


Most popular questions

What does TOTAL stand for?

TOTAL stands for "Tot Overall Through A List"

How to abbreviate "Tot Overall Through A List"?

"Tot Overall Through A List" can be abbreviated as TOTAL

What is the meaning of TOTAL abbreviation?

The meaning of TOTAL abbreviation is "Tot Overall Through A List"

What does TOTAL mean?

TOTAL as abbreviation means "Tot Overall Through A List"

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