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Brainy Object Of Knowledge
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What does BOOK mean? It stands for Brainy Object Of Knowledge

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It's out now ! #ZAYNBOOK

One week left until the book drops.. loads of new pics for you guys Xx preorder

Constructing the Obama cabinet: full Briefing Book via Citibank (see attachments)

*Reads George Orwell's 1984* "Wow that was a great work of fiction" *The numbers on the book slowly fade to 2016*

Thank you for using my name in the title of your third book @Zoella

Megyn Kelly's new book is doing well.

43. In 2007, Trump said his favorite book was his own, The Art of the Deal. Once he started running 4 president, he said it was the Bible.

Odd how after Trump ended birtherism in 2011 he added an afterword to his book saying the certificate could be fake.

Trump's 1986 handwritten comment on proposed name for book we did together. "The Art of the Deal" is a "bad title."

Waterstones tell @Channel4News they won't be stocking Sir Norman Bettison's book....

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Comparing Trump to Hitler is trending, due to some Hollywood douche bag at #Emmys. Here's a book for you, children.

So @TheVampsband have announced a book signing tour. Here's all the info:

As I read Bharat Karnad's book "Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet)"-- I realise: Shivshankar Menon and Manmohan Singh sank India globally.

That looks like a book to me.

"Dating is a fun way of meeting someone who is as terrified of dying alone as you are." - Wise words from The Ladybird Book of Dating

ann coulter wrote a pro-mccarthy book michelle malkin wrote "in defense of internment" no, i dont think its hyperbole to freak out abt trump

Clinton jokes: This week "I wanted to curl up with a good book, or our dogs, and never leave the house again."

John Lewis' book "March" just won the National Book Award for Young People's Literature. #NBAwards

John Lewis teared up as he accepted the National Book Award: As a teen, he was told libraries were "for whites only"


Most popular questions

What does BOOK stand for?

BOOK stands for "Brainy Object Of Knowledge"

How to abbreviate "Brainy Object Of Knowledge"?

"Brainy Object Of Knowledge" can be abbreviated as BOOK

What is the meaning of BOOK abbreviation?

The meaning of BOOK abbreviation is "Brainy Object Of Knowledge"

What does BOOK mean?

BOOK as abbreviation means "Brainy Object Of Knowledge"

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