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Generally Imagined Actually Non-existent Titan
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What does GIANT mean? It stands for Generally Imagined Actually Non-existent Titan

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BREAKING: AT&T buying HBO, CNN owner Time Warner for $85.4 billion, uniting a telecom giant and an entertainment conglomerate.

A giant gang of 22 raccoons are taking over Central Park:

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US telecoms giant AT&T announces it will buy entertainment group Time Warner for $86bn

Cubs had 8 wins more than any other team and went 15-5 against AL. But don't have home-field because a Giant allowed two Royals to hit HRs.

If you haven't seen it yet, we've got a giant sale on merch through the 26th! Get it!

Me petting a giant pink cat... Because Japan

It feels like our country is untangling a giant pair of earbuds right now but also they are on fire

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Shimon Peres was a political giant, a statesman who will rank as one of the foremost of this era or any era, and someone I loved deeply.

a GIANT stalker update will be up Friday too. the case is officially back open lol #sentmystalkertojailPT2 #hopefully


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Sorry Hillary we don't exist in one giant ovary.

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Most popular questions

What does GIANT stand for?

GIANT stands for "Generally Imagined Actually Non-existent Titan"

How to abbreviate "Generally Imagined Actually Non-existent Titan"?

"Generally Imagined Actually Non-existent Titan" can be abbreviated as GIANT

What is the meaning of GIANT abbreviation?

The meaning of GIANT abbreviation is "Generally Imagined Actually Non-existent Titan"

What does GIANT mean?

GIANT as abbreviation means "Generally Imagined Actually Non-existent Titan"

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