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Criminal Roughneck Often Outlawed Kind
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What does CROOK mean? It stands for Criminal Roughneck Often Outlawed Kind

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Giuliani: "After four decades of Clinton corruption, the American people have figured out she's a crook." #KellyFile

RIP Crook you were a good rat

"No man can get rich in politics unless he's a crook. It cannot be done." --Harry S. Truman #ClintonFoundation

The next UN Secretary General has some history to overcome /// Yawn. Another #liberal crook

James Harrison says, "If it's in the hands of that crook, I mean Roger Goodell..." So, um, no, his opinion of NFL commish has not changed

On this day in 1973, Nixon uttered his immortal line, "I'm not a crook." Here's how the Washington Post covered it:

James Harrison called Roger Goodell a "crook" while discussing the NFL's probe.

No actually the narrative is she's a crook it's her campaign manager that does the #spiritcooking.

Creep, liar, crook, and bully, Trump at least perceived emptiness of official GOP ideology. Ryanism not the answer

Nobody in their right mind could endorse Orange crook...Trump Makes History With 0 Major Newspaper Endorsements

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.@TonyAbbottMHR on 18C - 'it's not just the bad law, it's the crook organisation'. On #theboltreport @SkyNewsAust

Bush declared a state of emergency days in advance. It was Democrats - Blanco and that crook Nagin who screwed up

November 17: 1973: Nixon tells AP reporters "I'm not a crook" 2016: Initial claims fall to lowest level since 1973

43 years ago today, Richard Nixon told AP reporters "I am not a crook"

"The lesson of the tapes made public by the Supreme Court is that Nixon is exactly the crook we already knew he was"

Happy anniversary of the day Richard Nixon declared "I'm not a crook"

As a felon, I admire Elizabeth Holmes over Martha Stewart. Martha was a low level crook. Holmes's fraud involved ingenuity and imagination.

Unprecedented. US voters in a real fix, have no option but to choose between a lout on one side and a crook on the other. God bless America!

Don't make a crook's Christmas. Look at our advice on keeping your personal property safe during the festive season.


Most popular questions

What does CROOK stand for?

CROOK stands for "Criminal Roughneck Often Outlawed Kind"

How to abbreviate "Criminal Roughneck Often Outlawed Kind"?

"Criminal Roughneck Often Outlawed Kind" can be abbreviated as CROOK

What is the meaning of CROOK abbreviation?

The meaning of CROOK abbreviation is "Criminal Roughneck Often Outlawed Kind"

What does CROOK mean?

CROOK as abbreviation means "Criminal Roughneck Often Outlawed Kind"

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