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What does M mean? It stands for Million

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I can't wait to vote for @MichelleObama in 2020 like I'm ready so you better be running

Biden: I'm gonna punch him. Obama: Smile and wave, Joe.

I'm blocking you

I'm weird af

"I'm gonna start studying later"

I'm excited to announce I've partnered w/ the Sonics Arena Group to help bring the @NBA & @NHL to the best fan base in the world. Seattle.

How did we allow someone to be so reckless with our democracy..? I'm at such a loss.

I'm Gonna Be Celibate For The Rest Of My Life.

Omfg I'm so stupid we were just about to film then I accidentally ate a bunch of candy and now my tongue is blue. Delaying film time

I'm so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed.

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I'm beyond hype for Australia

So I'm guessing this means love doesn't trump hate then? #FattyGoesBatty

Biden: I'm not giving them the wifi password Obama: Joe... Biden: I said what I said

It's OK Trump voters, I'm sure the 1930s Germans who backed Hitler also did it for economic reasons that they prioritized over human rights.

I'm actually surprised there aren't more Comey-cost-Clinton-the-election takes. You can make a pretty good argument.

How good I look directly relates to how much I snapchat.... So when my snap game is weak af you know I'm not feelin myself that day lol

"Of course I will be fine. I'm always fine. Don't you know that?" #GreysAnatomy

"I can't believe Kanye turned out like this! I'm shocked!" Jay-Z:


Most popular questions

What does M stand for?

M stands for "Million"

How to abbreviate "Million"?

"Million" can be abbreviated as M

What is the meaning of M abbreviation?

The meaning of M abbreviation is "Million"

What does M mean?

M as abbreviation means "Million"

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