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Want to
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What does wanna mean? It stands for Want to

Comments having wanna

nah i got the hoe friends who wanna play around and flip someone

Baby u so cute i wanna throw u in the trash

Retweet if you wanna win a pair.

I wanna break up with 2016. Too much emotional baggage for me.

Like this tweet if you wanna date

sometimes i wanna die (sent w confetti)

When you don't wanna break your 100 dollar bill

listen to the record on these every day. wanna hear it exactly how you will

oh ur cold ? oh u wanna borrow a hoodie? oh u gonna "forget" u had it on & take it ? ..ight...

With me is where you wanna be

More Comments with wanna...

Kanye don't wanna discuss racism but he wants to discuss how Tidal and apple are separating us.

RT if you wanna see our #MannequinChallenge

RT if you wanna see our #MannequinChallenge shot by @DeanSherwood

If you wanna see how the media can normalize Trump, watch this 60 Minutes interview. One minute, hate crimes. The next: how's Barron doing?

To many people trying to do the same thing now.. everybody wanna do what the next person doing.. nobody wanna be different..

O-baaaaa-maaaa self... don't wanna work... O-baaaa-maaaa self...

trump jokes aren't funny anymore it's too real i just wanna be a twenty one pilots fan account now

Keep something to ya self sometimes y'all wanna share everything with social media

Trump's national security advisor blocked me so if you wanna conspire against Trump just tweet me & he'll never know


Most popular questions

What does wanna stand for?

wanna stands for "Want to"

How to abbreviate "Want to"?

"Want to" can be abbreviated as wanna

What is the meaning of wanna abbreviation?

The meaning of wanna abbreviation is "Want to"

What does wanna mean?

wanna as abbreviation means "Want to"

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