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Total level
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What does Total mean? It stands for Total level

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If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily

Blac Chyna and Rob named their baby Dream Kardashian which is ironic bc I would describe this week as a total nightmare

Slate just called me a "white nationalist." That's a total lie, and that's what the fake media does. They can't debate, they slur.

The Electoral College is like the NFL. They don't add your total points together at the end of the season, they count the games you won.

No Mexico paying 4 wall, no total OCare repeal, no trade wars, no mass deportation. But tax cuts for rich still & Medicare now under attack.

Already off table: Mexico pay 4 wall, mass deportations of non-criminals,repealing O'Care in total, trade wars. Tax cuts 4 rich still there.

Hillary Clinton gave 80 paid speeches in 2013-14, for a total of $18 million. Hillary Clinton did not visit Wisconsin once since April.

Trump projected to win #NorthCarolina. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in total meltdown.

(2/2) goes on talk shows and gets applause. it's interesting to watch the total opposite happen. i wonder how it will all pan out.

Super moon was a total hoax.

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For those worried about Hillary "flipping" PA due to votes still being counted in Philly, don't. Less than 7k total still out. Not enuf.

Clinton Leads Popular Vote By Nearly 1.5 Million, Closes In On Obama 2012 Vote Total

Listen, if Total Eclipse of the Heart is going to be on repeat in my head, it's going to be on repeat in yours, too. #TURNAROUNDBRIGHTEYES

There are no left wing intellectuals. They are all afraid of debate. That's why they support censorship. Total joke.

The 30 highest-paid celebrities under 30 earned a total of $1.5 billion in the past year:

4. Total 20 org beruntung yg akan mendapatkan voucher belanja Rp. 100.000 di akhir periode #MakinPuasPakeAlfaGift

WE CAN NOT EVEN *TALK* ABOUT MUSLIM REGISTRATION No debates. We must #resist. Total disobedience. Shut down the entire nation if needed.

vdd eu por exemplo tenho 100% de interesse na black friday e um total de 2 reais pra gastar

And so it's begins. | Lawmaker to propose total abortion ban in Indiana


Most popular questions

What does Total stand for?

Total stands for "Total level"

How to abbreviate "Total level"?

"Total level" can be abbreviated as Total

What is the meaning of Total abbreviation?

The meaning of Total abbreviation is "Total level"

What does Total mean?

Total as abbreviation means "Total level"

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