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What does DAFUQ mean? It stands for what the HECK IS WRONG WITH YOUR CRANIUM?

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As the young people today say, "DAFUQ?!"

@pesquera_diego dafuq

Teacher: Open up your American History books to the Election of 2016. Yes Tommy, you have a question? Tommy: dafuq? #electionday

I'm interviewing Casey Neistat and I'm low key fan girling dafuq

Very very unfair. Hugely unfair. The unfairest. Who dafuq do these people think they are?

Why is Tyrell calling Angela??? DAFUQ is happening? #DatBot #MrRobot

@HDluh dafuq ma niggi ma niggi niggi iggi gi iiiii

Breaking stay-at-home-dad news: they changed the Thomas the tank engine theme song from when we were kids. Dafuq? Is nothing sacred?

Kaine: We won't discriminate based on religion-- Pence: But the problem with that-- o_O #dafuq #VPDebate

On behalf of women everywhere I'd like 2 know how dafuq a woman getting pushed could be amusing 2 u? I'll wait...

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Haha. Dafuq, bros. New Zealand spinners wrecking India. This is like Indian fast bowlers wrecking Australia. #IndvsNZ

IT WAS THE WRONG GUY. HUCK. DAFUQ, man? You reckless summagoat. #Scandal

Hahahahahahaha look at the last comment... DaFUq is that? This world is getting so sad why

Rapper from the South: "Ebro you don't support us" Rapper from NY: "Ebro dafuq you play so much South for!!??"

Never heard anyone in Toronto say "Abooot" .... dafuq is wrong wit your mouth fam, there's a "u" in the word g.

@_Noyzze @FaZe_Rain dafuq? Haha

Are you sexually active? If yes, are you trying for a pregnancy? #dafuq

Jake wants to take himself off Mellie's ticket. Sir... this ain't how any of this works AT ALL. Dafuq? #Scandal

Him: What brings you to NY? Me: I'm on business. Him: Lovely, what kind of business? Me: well, I'm on vine. Him: Dafuq?


Most popular questions

What does DAFUQ stand for?


How to abbreviate "what the HECK IS WRONG WITH YOUR CRANIUM?"?

"what the HECK IS WRONG WITH YOUR CRANIUM?" can be abbreviated as DAFUQ

What is the meaning of DAFUQ abbreviation?

The meaning of DAFUQ abbreviation is "what the HECK IS WRONG WITH YOUR CRANIUM?"

What does DAFUQ mean?

DAFUQ as abbreviation means "what the HECK IS WRONG WITH YOUR CRANIUM?"

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