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What does OH mean? It stands for Overheard

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this just made my day... it just gets better and better oh my god

Biden: Oh boy, his car is here, quick let's all hide Obama: Joe pls

Melania Trump decries how uncivil our national dialogue has become. Oh, and here's Eva Braun to teach us about Hanukkah.

Me: oh look dad got new shoes Inner me: eat them.

A racist demagogue is gonna take over the world! PEOPLE: Oh no how do we stop him? Just put on pants and press a button PEOPLE: Eh pass

uh oh

I'll be honest guys, I don't even know what to do with myself. Lol oh hey, I'm a World Champ. And...... just gonna do some laundry now

If Republicans thought they were winning the election, they wouldn't be frantically trying to suppress black voters in NC, OH, WI, etc.

Just learned my twitter account was hacked saying I had a change oh heart and was voting for DT. Disgusting! He is utter garbage. Vote HRC!!

COMING UP! Atkinson, NH Wilmington, OH Hershey, PA Wilmington, NC Reno, NC Sioux City, IA Raleigh, NC Manchester, NH

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Election People: "Mr. Trump, you did it! You're going to be President!" Trump: "Oh... no..."

Today is the 27th anniversary of the fall of the #Berlin wall. Oh, such irony. #ElectionNight

Hillary no longer has political leverage with the FBI on NYPD. Ut-oh...

Ay! May dumaan oh!!!

Trump: Obama is a very good man. Trump Supporters: Wait... what? But you- Trump: Oh, I was lying to get your vote. Trump Supporters: ...No?

Trump won this election so big, he could have lost OH and NC and STILL won. He could have lost FL and won.

"Sadness. Anger. Sadness. Confusion. Angersadness. Sadnessangerconfusion oh look a donut!" - my brain for a whole week

Clinton folks saw this by the Mon after Comey's Fri news: they said OH & IA were likely gone. By wed saw MI slip

NEW: your look at Trump's 2-minute closing argument ad: Airing select nat'l plus FL, PA, NV, OH, MI, CO, IA, NC, NM


Most popular questions

What does OH stand for?

OH stands for "Overheard"

How to abbreviate "Overheard"?

"Overheard" can be abbreviated as OH

What is the meaning of OH abbreviation?

The meaning of OH abbreviation is "Overheard"

What does OH mean?

OH as abbreviation means "Overheard"