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Never Mind
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What does NVM mean? It stands for Never Mind

Comments having NVM

me: that shirt looks dope!! how much is it? cashier: oh that's $399.99 me: ok nvm

me: I'm starving. I should go grocery shopping. me: **finds string cheese and eats it** me: NVM #adulting


but don't those mean the same...nvm.

actual text to my friend after texting them a dilemma and they hadn't replied yet: "nvm. i just had a chat with myself and im ok now"

Ratings going.... Nvm... #LetsGoBills...

#BirthOfANation did 7Million? So about 460K people spent $15 on a ticket... is that right? Remember this when you wonder .. NVM

@deefizzy except for when I'm not Which is never So nvm

But isn't Trump a reality show cele.... NVM

.@CSNChicago nvm. night.

More Comments with NVM...

HE'S WEARING A DASHIKI YOU FU.... oh it's Fox News. Nvm, carry on with your bigotry

so I recently started wearing my hair down and messy. but so did Kian and I'm pissed cause I wanted to do it to be different but now lol nvm

aliens: *invade earth* aliens: *look around* aliens: *slooowly back away* aliens: nvm sorry bout that

@EvanEdinger me: "omg I wonder if Evan is free at all while he's in LA" you: *tweets this* me: "ah nvm he's very busy"

Wait, I thought... nvm.

Paper Boi WITH SOME LOCKDOWN DEF.... nvm #AtlantaFX

Feels like we're about to watch an assas ....nvm.

@Dyrus nvm i give up

ok nvm this is my life now


Most popular questions

What does NVM stand for?

NVM stands for "Never Mind"

How to abbreviate "Never Mind"?

"Never Mind" can be abbreviated as NVM

What is the meaning of NVM abbreviation?

The meaning of NVM abbreviation is "Never Mind"

What does NVM mean?

NVM as abbreviation means "Never Mind"

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