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What does OBV mean? It stands for Obviously

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Hillary, you had a hackable server that laid bare REAMS of classified information to Russians--so you obv don't care.

Mom loves @aarondgibson so much she tweeted for the first time ever with #VoiceSaveAaron obv. #VoiceResults

If I could vote (I can't obv) I'm with the first candidate who says; "Yeah, well my Dad would beat the crap out of your Dad." #Debatenight

Hands down the best @Emirates first-class video I've ever watched (and I've watched lots), via @CaseyNeistat obv

trust me I wish I can choose all of you but that's obv not possible and I don't think it's fair that people are making me feel bad about it

Not sure why or how but I was obv really into this show

@kimkuz I like to work alongside and for Nebraskans. I drove uber yesterday. (For charity--I'm obv'ly not allowed to make any outside money)

Early, obv, but top 5 P&R combos (team PPP) so far (min. 10 screens): Harden-Nene Russell-Randle Harden-Anderson Isaiah-Horford BENO-BAYNES

Hillary wins Massachusets, obv

Wij zoeken oudere sollicitanten (+45) die obv leeftijd niet zijn aangeworven. Mail ons: nieuws@vrt.be RT is sympathiek! #vrtnieuws

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This quiz can tell you how much you're like @LaurenJauregui! We got 100%, obv

A) Dak playing awesome for rook on loaded team B) Gameplan/progressions obv trimmed for him C) misses some opps, offense so good it's been +

(btw, it was funny watching Sanders fans have complete meltdown when i pointed out his obv misstep; criticism is not allowed!)

Not real, obv. But absolutely something I can imagine reading from @mallelis and just the idea of that delights me.

ja rule & ashanti obv

The short answer is no (obv)

Also, re: the Garland petition. It's a long shot, obv, and I think Obama has too much respect for the process BUT

Press SO pissed @realDonaldTrump snuck away to get dinner last night. 1) if ur not press it's kinda funny. 2) he obv doesn't like rules

Lol Cruz helping Trump with his debate prep bc obv Cruz an expert in likability.


Most popular questions

What does OBV stand for?

OBV stands for "Obviously"

How to abbreviate "Obviously"?

"Obviously" can be abbreviated as OBV

What is the meaning of OBV abbreviation?

The meaning of OBV abbreviation is "Obviously"

What does OBV mean?

OBV as abbreviation means "Obviously"

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