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What does OP mean? It stands for Operator

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This is why Soros was banned from Russia. This is not America. This is the borg. A well funded psy-op.

'I refuse to be a pawn': HuffPo writer, Latino activist recants his Hillary support in powerful op-ed

My Sunday Op-Ed for @washingtonpost on the key role Dems played in the unrestrained powers Trump is now inheriting

This is a smart, reasoned and sober NYT op-ed by @BernieSanders on the Trump victory and coming presidency

Happy 15th Anniversary to @Xbox! Thanks for helping to make co-op what it is today!

De man die allerlei mensen en groeperingen het zwijgen wil opleggen, beroept zich zelf weer eens op de vrijheid van meningsuiting. #Wilders

'If elected president, Hillary Clinton plan for Syrian no-fly zone could trigger WWIII' (Op-Edge)

Soros to make a killing with European 'forced migration' (Op-Edge by Sam Gerrans)

2016 is het 1933 van mijn generatie. Tijd om op te staan

There is a customary photo-op of the couples outside the White House, which appeared to have been canceled

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An "information op" as they call it, right out of the Soviet playbook but with 21st century cyber tools

Erdogan zal trots zijn op ons Nederlandse OM.

Under Rule-114B of IT Rules 1962, PAN has to be quoted on deposit in a banking company/Co-op bank in cash exceeding Rs.50,000 on one day.

Saudi Arabia working overtime to 'disappear' Yemen as a political entity (Op-Edge)

PAN has tobe quoted on purchase of bank drafts/pay orders/banker's cheques from a banking company/co-op bank in cashover Rs.50,000 in a day

Ivanka should run an op-ed about bullying by Melania on her website for working women. Complete the whole galling enterprise.

It doesn't matter if you don't take Trump literally. The world will, and the consequence are serious. My USAT op-ed

Trump win spells doom for European Atlanticists (Op-Edge)

Trump shock victory: New Cold War no more? (Op-Edge by @27khv)


Most popular questions

What does OP stand for?

OP stands for "Operator"

How to abbreviate "Operator"?

"Operator" can be abbreviated as OP

What is the meaning of OP abbreviation?

The meaning of OP abbreviation is "Operator"

What does OP mean?

OP as abbreviation means "Operator"

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