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Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly
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What does POOR mean? It stands for Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

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It would be unacceptable for Trump to turn people's anger against the poor, people of color & Muslims. That's demagoguery of the worst kind.

Ourselves because when we buy into the sensationalized, bought media, we distract ourselves from truth and evidently make poor decisions

The poor and weak are the flesh of Christ, who call upon Christians of every confession.

Jose Fernandez once saved his own mother from drowning as he escaped to this country. This poor woman must be heartbroken & devastated

Shared my thoughts on the BJP's ideological commitment to serving the poorest of the poor at the Deendayal Upadhyaya centenary celebrations.

Westbrook just made HIS MVP case with an outrageously spectacular LEFT-HANDED game-clinching slam over poor Clint Capela. Lord have mercy.

Be it agriculture, skill development & economic reforms, our efforts are aimed at helping the poor overcome poverty.

This poor family. #JoseFernandez #RIPJose

Usain bolt of Jamaica was poor and trainer advised him to eat beef both the times and he scored 9 gold medals in Olympic

Why is it so hard for these self-congratulatory liberal pundits to simply say: "You know what, I was wrong. Hillary was a poor candidate."

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The funny thing about demonetisation is that I haven't heard a single fatcat complaining.Only middle class & poor seem to be inconvenienced

Tory MP using #PMQs to make a rehearsed gag about fat white middle aged men when the public want answers to serious questions is poor IMO

.@brunelldonald: "Our Latino and black youth, our poor people, they need sanctuary. Where is their sanctuary?"

After working with poor kids in Kenya, Kenton Lee invented shoes which grow 5 sizes in 5 years #SundayMorning

In America, the rich outlive the poor by up to 9.5 years, study says

Democrats became the Party of wealthy, snooty Elites, illegals, & poor folks dependent on government. They abandoned everyone in the middle

Join the #YouthCongressProtest against BJP govt on its poor implementation of demonitisation which has led to death & suffering of CommonMan

The only thing Trump could do that would disappoint me is get poor results. I would file that under "I" for "Impossible."

Children's hospitals have been using this trick to combat poor sleep for years


Most popular questions

What does POOR stand for?

POOR stands for "Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly"

How to abbreviate "Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly"?

"Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly" can be abbreviated as POOR

What is the meaning of POOR abbreviation?

The meaning of POOR abbreviation is "Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly"

What does POOR mean?

POOR as abbreviation means "Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly"

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