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What does PWR mean? It stands for Power

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China to grow coal pwr by 19% over 5 yrs. Cda should focus more on global GHG not new tax that will harm our economy

Last night, a @PWRBTTMBAND show in Mississippi was protested by men carrying signs and shouting homophobic slurs

.@PWRBTTMBAND's response to anti-gay protestors was as punk as you'd expect

.@PWRBTTMBAND's van was stolen last night in San Francisco.

Anti-gay protestors picketed a @pwrbttmband show in Mississippi last night

Pansy Division are back and talking queerness and punk, past and present, with PWR BTTM

.@PWRBTTMBAND's van got stolen, launched a crowdfunding campaign to help replace their gear

Protesters picket @PWRBTTMBAND gig in Mississippi, hurl anti-gay abuse at fans

Queer punk duo PWR BTTM play gig heckled by anti-gay protestors

I just cannot stand it. How does organizing against systems of pwr happen when personal validation is more important than material reality?

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.@PWRBTTMBAND carve out a space for queerness, joy, and resistance in the worst of times

Anti-gay protestors picketed a PWR BTTM show in Mississippi last night

Watch @PWRBTTMBAND explore an abandoned waterpark in "West Texas"

Watch @PWRBTTMBAND take over an abandoned waterpark in their incredible new video.

Get GLTTRD with PWR BTTM in their new video for "West Texas" @PWRBTTMBAND

#Safety: Wind, rain & lightning today - stay away from & report downed pwr lines. #cawx

Did we mention @PWRBTTMBAND premiered a video with us today?

I'm posting my @GeekBomb #PWR videos as podcasts! Find & subscribe to them here -

Ensuring reliable & affordable pwr Lakshadweep signs 24x7 Power for All document


Most popular questions

What does PWR stand for?

PWR stands for "Power"

How to abbreviate "Power"?

"Power" can be abbreviated as PWR

What is the meaning of PWR abbreviation?

The meaning of PWR abbreviation is "Power"

What does PWR mean?

PWR as abbreviation means "Power"

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