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Retire Aged People Early
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What does RAPE mean? It stands for Retire Aged People Early

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How is it that Brock Turner can rape an unconscious woman and serve less time in jail than Martha Stewart did for lying about a stock sale?

Glad we spent 10 minutes on emails and 14 seconds on how female members of the military cause their own rape epidemic. #NBCNewsForum

Sweden has a huge migrant rape problem and its answer is to provide a hotline for women offended by "mansplaining".

Trump thinks military rape caused by men & women serving together. Does he think college rape happens cause men & women study together?

Baylor confirms Art Briles knew about alleged gang rape and chose not to report it:


"Rape Melania" signs?!? If anyone held up a "Rape Michelle" sign, they'd have to put him in witness protection. #TrumpDerangementSyndrome

EXCLUSIVE | Nate Parker talks to us about rape culture, homophobia & his 19-year-old-self:

"This program has been ... turning its back on victims of rape, of sexual abuse, and they're still doing it."

Trump Teen Rape Accuser Drops Lawsuit for Reported Third Time

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Protester has "Rape Melania" sign. Liberals speak out against rape unless it's for a woman they don't like.

"Political correctness" has always been a fight against normalization of hate speech, rape culture, white supremacy.

MORE: US army, CIA commited 'torture, outrages upon personal dignity, rape' in Afghanistan (2003-2014) - ICC report

"Ambulance refuses to accept abolished notes, rape victim struggles 3 hours to reach hospital"

Four incidences of rape reported in @csunorthridge dorm in two month period

Pakistan's 1971 War: A report on the Bangladesh Rape Victims of the war in 'East Pakistan' in the name of Islam.

War crimes of 'torture, cruel treatment, rape': ICC prosecutor signals charges against US armed forces and CIA

Megyn Kelly claims Donald Trump threatened her over segment on rape allegations:

What A Trump Presidency Could Mean For Combating Campus Rape


Most popular questions

What does RAPE stand for?

RAPE stands for "Retire Aged People Early"

How to abbreviate "Retire Aged People Early"?

"Retire Aged People Early" can be abbreviated as RAPE

What is the meaning of RAPE abbreviation?

The meaning of RAPE abbreviation is "Retire Aged People Early"

What does RAPE mean?

RAPE as abbreviation means "Retire Aged People Early"

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