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What does SFF mean? It stands for Small-Form-Factor

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YA SFF people: the Hugos are considering a new YA award. Don't let people who don't know YA have the only say.

So here's the thing, the problem in comics is the problem in SFF is the problem in games. Please stop acting shocked that it happens.

Feeling lost? Don't know what to do? Why not support some excellent Black SFF?

Oh, hey, the online version of my latest NYT column is out. Now w/SFF graphic novel reviews, just in time for NYCC!

My best #orangevotes estimate at the end of counting today is SFF 50.7% National 49.3%

Saddened to hear of Sheri S. Tepper's death. She was an immensely influential SFF writer who never received the recognition she deserved.

#orangevotes new preference count issued for 4 polling places project to SFF winning with 51.8% - results at #nswpol

#orangevotes 51.4% counted, First pref pcts - ALP 19.2, NAT 29.8, SFF 26.0, GRN 5.8, OTH 19.1 - results at

#orangevotes 73.6% counted, final for night first prefs - ALP 18.8, NAT 30.3, SFF 24.7, GRN 5.9, OTH 20.2 - results

EU-Norway fish negotiations currently under way. In future UK will be at the table #Brexit @ConMEPs @ScotTories @sff_uk

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5 gonzo SFF journalists who risk everything from demons to deadlines for a story.

Get inspired for #NaNoWriMo with advice from your favorite #SFF authors:

Looking for #TBR ideas? Here are 16 #SFF recs from @io9:

You guys, The Rise of Io makes @guardian's list of best SFF books. The forces of evil have been defeated once more!

Someday---someday, readers, I'm going to show you my SFF book I've poured my soul into. I hope it rips all of your hearts out. That is all.

You've made MORTAL SINS #1 in SFF shorts on @AmazonKindle. Now, can we land it in the top 100 of ALL Kindle? FREE:

Interesting essay on SFF reissues (including Warp) on @GooglePlay

Well, you've bumped MORTAL SINS to #11 in the @AmazonKindle store for short SFF reads. How about #1? It's FREE:

MORTAL SINS is at #28 in @AmazonKindle SFF short reads. I know you can do better - especially since it's FREE!


Most popular questions

What does SFF stand for?

SFF stands for "Small-Form-Factor"

How to abbreviate "Small-Form-Factor"?

"Small-Form-Factor" can be abbreviated as SFF

What is the meaning of SFF abbreviation?

The meaning of SFF abbreviation is "Small-Form-Factor"

What does SFF mean?

SFF as abbreviation means "Small-Form-Factor"

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