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Text Back
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What does TB mean? It stands for Text Back

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Dear TB Joshua. Who gave you your prophecy? My God is not a man that He would lie neither is He the son of man that He would repent!

Last year, Simbongile, a young mother, learned she was infected with TB. Her story is heartbreaking.

This is what 1 TB of RAM looks like.

At Tampa rally, Donald Trump promises he'll win Florida via @TB_Times

Prominent Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua "prophesy" that Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump falls flat

While TB lists Stamkos as out indefinitely, it's believed best-case recovery timeline for this procedure is four months, possibly longer.

Forget TB Joshua. The real prophet is Donald Trump. An excerpt from People Magazine, 1998.

@Christian_fig raspano minha canela com meu amigo tb

caprica tb conhecido como o melhor signo

Nigerian evangelist TB Joshua mocked as "Pinocchio" after he wrongly "prophesised" victory for Hillary Clinton

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#TB Confirmation Bias.

Idiots like TB Joshua who specialize in fraud should not receive any more attention. They calculate and say out their nonsense as prophecy

Twitter slams TB Joshua over 'false' Clinton prophecy: He couldn't see his own building fall

Anti-Trump protesters block 7th Avenue in Ybor City. @TBTimes_Photo @TB_Times #tampa #yborcity #florida

Anti-Trump protesters march on 7th Avenue in Tampa's Ybor City. @TB_Times @TBTimes_Photo

Nigerian mega-pastor TB Joshua breaks silence over false Clinton prophecy

Learn how #PayPal leverages #Couchbase, Kafka & Hadoop for #bigdata analytics while managing 1B docs & 10 TB of data

Nuestra @IndiaMartinez es n1 en ventas y tb en el top50 de @canalfiesta! Felicidades! #N1CanalFiesta45 te queremos!

Nossa que fracassado vai ficar em casa sexta hahahahaha eu tb


Most popular questions

What does TB stand for?

TB stands for "Text Back"

How to abbreviate "Text Back"?

"Text Back" can be abbreviated as TB

What is the meaning of TB abbreviation?

The meaning of TB abbreviation is "Text Back"

What does TB mean?

TB as abbreviation means "Text Back"

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