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Tears In My Eyes
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What does TIME mean? It stands for Tears In My Eyes

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One last time.. My president is Black.

This is what people voted for. This breaks my heart every time

Just laying here watching and TV and thinking . Really looking forward to going to cities and maybe seeing them this time . Hahaha .

It's been a long time...but the @Cubs make Someday today.

For the first time ever, the Wrigley Field marquee reads: "World Series Champions."

I know some of u come to my page looking for words of encouragement and I'm sorry I failed u this time. All I can say: stay angry, send love

LA sees a different version of me every time I come here

Take your time and do it right and everything will come together.

Major rumors swirling in real time, right now that @mike_pence has asked 2 be removed from the Presidential ticket. Historic Wow. #debate

Me: omg wow I'm drowning in homework and responsibility. I have so much to do in so little time. Also me:

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when ur dentist starts talking to u but the whole time ur talking she's sneakin looks at ur bottom teeth

Dammit, Cleveland. There's a time and a place for this stuff!

DAPGOOSE L.A was fun and I didn't spill tea all over the stage this time!

The best gummies of all time

The presidency is the only office where you can get more votes & still lose. It's time to end the Electoral College.

me: being on the internet for too long kinda ruins my mental state me to me: refresh your timeline one more time

For the second time in four years: Congrats to Terry Francona, the American League Manager of the Year!

2) Inspiration is EXACTLY like getting a star in Super Mario Bros. Exciting, and super rare. You're invincible for a short time.

there is time stiles. just goooooooo #TeenWolf


Most popular questions

What does TIME stand for?

TIME stands for "Tears In My Eyes"

How to abbreviate "Tears In My Eyes"?

"Tears In My Eyes" can be abbreviated as TIME

What is the meaning of TIME abbreviation?

The meaning of TIME abbreviation is "Tears In My Eyes"

What does TIME mean?

TIME as abbreviation means "Tears In My Eyes"

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