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What does ur mean? It stands for Your

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so baby pull me closer in the backseat of ur rover

Hoping ur New Years resolution is to start minding ur own damn business, Sam.

Y do rappers always feel the need to get blinged out. its ok. seek the gold within ur heart

oh ur cold ? oh u wanna borrow a hoodie? oh u gonna "forget" u had it on & take it ? ..ight...

if you ever feel sad: 1) take a deep breath 2) close ur eyes 3) repeat after me. SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME I AI

get ur girl before i spoil her

When people think ur pregnant but it's just a food baby

Rise up When you're livin on ur knees u rise up Tell ur brother that he's gotta rise up Tell ur sister that she's gotta rise up @Lin_Manuel

me: but thats none of my business me to me: make it ur business

damn don't go commenting on girls instagram posts when they're feelin and lovin themselves without makeup on saying "eh not ur best" u nasty

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this is what i think of ur cheeseless pizza @dominos

Whether ur happy or not about the election lets take this day and thank every single person who has served for our country #VeteransDay

RT if ur ugly

Missing someone isn't about how long it's been since u seen em it's about that moment where ur doin somethin n u wish they were right with u

if ur like Friday, i want to date you

Can u imagine living in Trump Tower with president? Protests, security procedures, ur home a target for attack. Seriously, @realDonaldTrump?

Advice to friends considering Trump Admin: Find a job were u can positively affect the insanity, but doesn't negatively impact ur sanity.

Suggestion: Pls don't hoard Rs 100 notes. Spend it or pass it on to ur staff. Circulation will reduce the sense of shortage #DeMonetisation

hate getting flashbacks from things u don't want to remember. it feels like ur heart suddenly drops and anxiety starts taking u over.


Most popular questions

What does ur stand for?

ur stands for "Your"

How to abbreviate "Your"?

"Your" can be abbreviated as ur

What is the meaning of ur abbreviation?

The meaning of ur abbreviation is "Your"

What does ur mean?

ur as abbreviation means "Your"

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