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What does VAT mean? It stands for Value Added Tax

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Rumour that Del VAT dept doing raids. Completely false. No raids by VAT. If anyone claims to be from VAT, ask for his ID n report to police

In Delhi Kejriwal hiked VAT twice this year,increased toll taxes & imposed a new green tax on trucks. Yet he speaks of lower tax in Punjab

Although the new marketing plan was a smidge overt, no one could argue with the results. #vat'adeal!!

I reiterate- Delhi VAT dept is not conducting any raids. It is income tax dept of Modi govt conducting raids in markets. Pl spread this msg

Its that 100k plus vat init

To encourage e-payments and support small merchants CG govt has decided to make the POS swipe devices VAT free.

Pope Francis Wears Miter With Faceshield To Comply With New Vatican Safety Measures

TRUMP: WHERE IS IT?? MELANIA: Vat, dahling? TRUMP: My powder. My SPECIAL POWDER MELANIA: You zed you vould stop. TRUMP: I have to tweet Ryan

#AkaliWithTraders traders having a turnover of less than 1 crore are expempted from VAT assessment @officeofssbadal

To encourage e-payment and to support small merchants POS, devices have been exempted from VAT: Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh

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No raids by Del VAT dept, rept to police of anyone claims otherwise says Del CM

(is removed from vat of piping hot acid and placed instead in a vat of room temperature acid) oh this is good

cnn published and is selling a book about the election LOLOLOL *electric slides into a vat of acid*

Watch this futuristic vat of water paint a cat:

Chengdu man regrets drinking a vat of chili oil for momentary internet fame.

Rumour of Delhi VAT department conducting raids are completely false: Kejriwal

Our govt. has already announced relaxation of VAT on bamboo and Coal to help these mills to revive (3/3)

7. Hotel mein khana khao aur bill na lo to avoid VAT. Sir ji ye kya kiya aapne. U basically assisted them in generating BM n avoid taxes

[PAY YOUR VAT] Be part of #CHANGE ...


Most popular questions

What does VAT stand for?

VAT stands for "Value Added Tax"

How to abbreviate "Value Added Tax"?

"Value Added Tax" can be abbreviated as VAT

What is the meaning of VAT abbreviation?

The meaning of VAT abbreviation is "Value Added Tax"

What does VAT mean?

VAT as abbreviation means "Value Added Tax"

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