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What does W/O mean? It stands for Without

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Give me a break! MSM talking about "unprecedented lack of transparency" because DJT takes his fam to diner w/o them

Prospective AttGen says they can start building wall w/o congress by shifting $ approved 4 other stuff. That's illegal. And he doesn't know?

it is exhausting how people just repeat things they hear w/o critical analysis or asking any thoughtful questions

You know what's #deplorable? Illegally setting up a private email server w/o permission & deleting 30K emails #Fraud #BasketofDeplorables

How many times did Pence outright lie during debate? This is what Trump teaches people around him to do w/o guilt. His children do the same.

You know what: when you speak as long as Ted Cruz has w/o mentioning @realDonaldTrump, you wanted the attention more than the presidency!

No excuse for Cruz to go this long w/o mentioning the nominee. That's just selfish. I'm not talking specific candidate; just decency

For immigrants, black ppl, Muslims, women, ppl w/o health insurance, ppl on minimum wage, this election isn't a joke. This is their life.

We're seriously going to get through a debate between Kaine and Pence w/o mentioning social issues/religious liberty? This is a joke.

I can never play a song w/o somebody asking me... "yo, what song is this?"

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Iraq SOFA argument is lame. "Iraq wouldn't provide US troops protection so we had to leave" There are almost 6000 there NOW w/o protection!

U can't even go 2 days w/o acting like a spoiled crybaby. Msg I take: KEEP PROTESTING! It's our right to assemble.

Saw Jerry Seinfeld in concert tonight at local arts center--absolutely drop dead hilarious w/o politics or vulgarity. Worth every penny!

Italian PM @matteorenzi: UK can't have single market access w/o free movement. Can't have only the "good things."

Asia ramping up coal use. US returning to coal. Lets focus on tech like CCS not tax harming econ w/o real GHG impact

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my closest homies idk what i'd do w/o u, you're the best & deserve the best in the WORLD. love u bry. @BryantEslava

found myself pretty deep in the interwebs & just watched like 20 of those disney channel wand promos w/o sound i'm dead aajksh

im trying to understand how u write about alex jones w/o noting he leads movement that believes the govt did 9/11

That trump is competitive in battleground states per latest polling w/o running a real campaign is remarkable


Most popular questions

What does W/O stand for?

W/O stands for "Without"

How to abbreviate "Without"?

"Without" can be abbreviated as W/O

What is the meaning of W/O abbreviation?

The meaning of W/O abbreviation is "Without"

What does W/O mean?

W/O as abbreviation means "Without"

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