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Worse Than Failure
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What does WTF mean? It stands for Worse Than Failure

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My mom pointed outside and asked me why Ethan was driving around on the grass with the truck. WHY SHOULD I KNOW WHY MOM? LIKE WTF ETHAN

Me after reading #SpiritCooking tweets last night. #WTF

Ew wtf was my voice so deep for... I went thru reverse puberty (voice-wise) I don't get it lol

Yo wtf my mic was off the whole time during All Weekend Long wtf idk how that happened I'm so sorry lol that's whack

@ThomasSanders WTF

Why wtf???? I put my phone down like this so I can pay attention to the person I'm with???

Our WTF of the day: A police officer punched a woman in the face.

why my friends always the same thing for halloween every year like wtf being ugly is getting a little old guys i think it's time to stop

NEW VIDEO IS UP!! STRANGER LETS ME JUMP ON HIS BELLY!! (WTF) Hope you all have an amazing day much LOVE! :)

or I'm perfectly fine and it's just cold as balls when I wake up in the morning wtf

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meghan wtf is this

29 Most WTF Moments Of The Election: Trump vs. The Pope #Election2016

Ok, THIS happened... #WTF Rudy Giuliani Confirms FBI Insiders Leaked Information To Trump Campaign | Huffington Post

Rasmussen says Trump leads by 10 among the 86% who are sure of their vote, but race is tied? WTF? How is that possible?

In which the media's wild overreach on Steve Bannon leads me to defend him. Yes, really. WTF, media.

Just had a car full of guys call me a N*gger while I'm stuck in traffic. Wtf is going on? WA plates. So not Canadian. #TrumpTransition

@Banks wait wtf you were there?

Asked how US Muslim registry would differ from Nazi Jew registry, Trump: "You tell me." WTF.

Fox news on in airport bar. Wtf happened 2 dennis miller. His rage against celebrity seems disproportionate 2 his wealth from being one.


Most popular questions

What does WTF stand for?

WTF stands for "Worse Than Failure"

How to abbreviate "Worse Than Failure"?

"Worse Than Failure" can be abbreviated as WTF

What is the meaning of WTF abbreviation?

The meaning of WTF abbreviation is "Worse Than Failure"

What does WTF mean?

WTF as abbreviation means "Worse Than Failure"

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