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What does ZIP mean? It stands for Zone Improvement Plan

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#SpiritCooking is STILL the number one trend. CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC have NOTHING to say about it. Nada, zip, zilch.

Every child, no matter their background or what zip code they live in, has the right to a high-quality education.

Trump's supporters are "disproportionately living in racially and culturally isolated zip codes."

ICYMI: @MRodOfficial is one of the coolest human beings, ever. Watch her zip-line with us!

And just like that....The #Badgers zip past Akron in their home opener!

"Those who view Trump favorably are disproportionately living in racially and culturally isolated zip codes."

Cops with zip ties and batons blocking off protest at 14th and Broadway in downtown Oakland

Hey, @iamdiddy, Malcolm X called blacks "political chumps" for voting 80% dem--getting zip in return. Now it's 95%!

Jerry Jones: Romo's throwing w/ zip. "I talked to 1 of the trainers that were catching his balls...and he said I got bruises on my stomach."

The world's most valuable resource is talent, it has no nationality, zip code, or gender, it's is colour blind. It is distributed evenly-1

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"No real spark or zip about England" You can say that again! "No real spark or zip about England"

To find a PlayStation VR demo experience near you, enter your zip code here:

Man @Parker_zip is finally starting to feel comfy here since Sammy is keeping him safe!

5 Confidence Tips to Put Some Zip in Your Social Media

Layer on, zip up. Shop the Prentice Jacket online or find a store:

VIDEO: Nursing home resident zip lines for cause

Hes tryina zip his pants up. Peeing on himself and walking backward at the same time.

WaPo subscription site keeps asking for a zip code. Rejects Canadian postal code. Aren't subs available outside US?

Severe 7-Zip vulnerabilities cause top security, software tools patch panic @SecurityCharlie


Most popular questions

What does ZIP stand for?

ZIP stands for "Zone Improvement Plan"

How to abbreviate "Zone Improvement Plan"?

"Zone Improvement Plan" can be abbreviated as ZIP

What is the meaning of ZIP abbreviation?

The meaning of ZIP abbreviation is "Zone Improvement Plan"

What does ZIP mean?

ZIP as abbreviation means "Zone Improvement Plan"

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