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What does 1337 mean? It stands for Elite

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PENCE DID PASS A LAW PUNISHING WOMEN! Google HEA 1337 in Indiana. forces women to pay for funerals for fetal tissue.#VPDebate

Fun fact about Pence: in March he signed a bill (HEA 1337) requiring women to provide "funerary services" for miscarried or aborted fetuses.

They are... if 3 more people donate $1337. #ForTheKids #RTExtraLife

Curious to see what the other easter eggs in PokemonGo are. Need a 1337 H4ck3r to reverse engineer dat ish.

C357 7r0P 1337 101

Adam Voges 1337 Test runs, ave 95.50 Need to reach 163 or an unbeaten 63 to get to a career batting average of 100.00 #SLvAus

The first 1337 people to use code LOVEFIGS get 20% off ANY item in our collectibles collection on #LOOTVAULT - RT!

.@Smeggpot @RoosterTeeth Donate $1337.00 or more and you get an entry in to every single raffle

We're cooler than being 1337, our mommies said so.

Polizei zu #Ansbach POL-MFR: (1337) Pressekonferenz zu Explosion in Ansbach

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North Melbourne have been on a slippery slope since they were 9-0 and have said goodbye to 1337 games of experience!

11:43am CDT #SPC_MD 1337 severe potential...watch unlikely,

Roos lose 1337 games of experience in what Brad Scott calls a "heartbreaking decision" MORE:

noticed last landscaper invoice was number 1337 -- a good omen

Cremt euch mit Lichtschutzfaktor 1337 ein, die Hashtag der Woche ist da: #GreatestHitz

You too can look better with and in your own pair of @gunnaroptiks by shopping at

.@PeriodsForPence is the best response to Indiana's restrictive abortion law #HB1337

HEA 1337 is a comprehensive pro-life measure that affirms the value of all human life, which is why I signed it into law

Wir feiern 1337 Tweets und verlosen unter allen Followern bis zum 6.3. eine @GIGABYTE_GBT GTX 960!


Most popular questions

What does 1337 stand for?

1337 stands for "Elite"

How to abbreviate "Elite"?

"Elite" can be abbreviated as 1337

What is the meaning of 1337 abbreviation?

The meaning of 1337 abbreviation is "Elite"

What does 1337 mean?

1337 as abbreviation means "Elite"

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