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What does 4 mean? It stands for For

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NEW AP Top 10 1. Alabama 2. Ohio St 3. Louisville 4. Michigan 5. Clemson 6. Wisconsin 7. Washington 8. Oklahoma 9. Penn St 10. West Virginia

Report: Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance; Father of 4-Year-Old Girl Dies -

The spectacular Supermoon makes me ponder the existential questions of the universe, like whether I could exist in it for the next 4 years.

.@javy23baez goes boom! 4-1 #Cubs in the 5th! #LetsGo

Seniors don't rush your Senior year. You're gonna wake up one day in a cold dorm, hungry af and broke with 4 tests the next day. SLOW DOWN.

I have 7 beautiful grandchildren and 4 kids. I do not want Donald Trump to be their president.

GIANTS WIN! Odell Beckham Jr. leads NYG to their first 4-game win streak since 2013.

Phillip Rivers threw 4 INTs in the 4th quarter, 2 of them in the final minutes.

FT: Chelsea 4 #MUFC 0. #CHEMUN

Brodie isn't surprised the Thunder are 4-0.

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I am a Red Sok 4 life but I'd be lying if I said it isnt kool 2 see da Cubs go 2 da W Series

BREAKING: The Vikings have released kicker Blair Walsh. Walsh has made 12/16 FG and missed 4 XP this season.

So the "outsider" president-elect chose the party hack to run the WH. White ppl who voted 4 "change" - r u keeping track of broken promises?

BREAKING: AT&T buying HBO, CNN owner Time Warner for $85.4 billion, uniting a telecom giant and an entertainment conglomerate.

I Stan hard 4 @ladygaga. TBH I haven't fully figured it out, but I'm challenged, confused and seduced by #joanne and can't stop listening.

As Clinton's lead grows to 1.4 million plus, a reminder that most Americans did not ask for and do not want what is happening.

I despise field-goal kicking. Great athletes fight their guts out for 4 quarters and overtime and 2 nonfootball-player kickers blow it.

I love how whiners who refused to vote 4 the only person who could've beaten trump say they played no role in his victory. Its 2000 again.

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Most popular questions

What does 4 stand for?

4 stands for "For"

How to abbreviate "For"?

"For" can be abbreviated as 4

What is the meaning of 4 abbreviation?

The meaning of 4 abbreviation is "For"

What does 4 mean?

4 as abbreviation means "For"

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