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What does AK mean? It stands for Alaska

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If you're in IA, UT, NV, MT, CA, OR, WA, HI, ID, or AK, go get in line if you're not already! #Election2016

When jingoism trickles down to the kids. The despicable dad lets a child fire AK-47 as she threatens Modi & India

Is it journalism?MODI received 25 cr from Aditya Birla Grp, AK gave proof in assembly,no mention, only BJP version !

historic nd proud moment as aap member as Ak commits"aap govt. will declare City of Amritsar it's rightful recognition/staus as Holy City"

Tsunami Info Stmt 4: M7.9 near South Island, New Zealand 0303PST Nov 13: Tsunami NOT expected; CA,OR,WA,BC,and AK #NTWC

While RG works on weird metaphor to describe brief detention by cops AK's already convinced half of Twitter he's braver than Nelson Mandela.

TRUMP WILL WIN. He has 244 electoral votes +3 in AK +10 in WI +11 in AZ (Those 3 could be called now) = 268 He's leading in 3 others.

TV talk-ban PAK artists but it will not itself ban PAK media.It will carry Pak media statement abt AK as gospel truth. So much hate for AK!

Freedom, Revolution, Transformation for Punjab. That is what AK is in Punjab for. AAP Punjab De Naal

SAD-Congress only created division in the name of religion, but AK promising holy city free from tobacco & liquor!

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Among other weapons, an AK-47 was used. This is a new.

Tsunami Info Stmt: M7.6 in the Loyalty Islands region 1827PDT Aug 11: Tsunami NOT expected; CA,OR,WA,BC,and AK #NTWC

And that's all folks. I went all in w AK vs JJ. 35th place is my finish. Little down about it but proud of the run #WSOP

An AK-47-style rifle was one of the weapons used in the Dallas shooting, said two law-enforcement officials

LIVE on #Periscope: Sadiq speaking at the Eid Festival #EidLDN

There is a huge difference between PM Modi's thoughts and actions. There is no action against Modi ji's rich Industrialist friends- AK

Congress, BJP & Captain are saving those responsible for 84 genocide. SAD has formed govt with BJP. They are all together - AK Insaaf-84

BJP leader shot at in Ghaziabad: Police recover ammunition including an AK-47

EVERYONE on their feet after a brilliant rally ending at the net with volleys! SW: Did she touch the net? AK: No!


Most popular questions

What does AK stand for?

AK stands for "Alaska"

How to abbreviate "Alaska"?

"Alaska" can be abbreviated as AK

What is the meaning of AK abbreviation?

The meaning of AK abbreviation is "Alaska"

What does AK mean?

AK as abbreviation means "Alaska"

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