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What does AZN mean? It stands for Asian

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If I had a nickel 4 errtime a non Azn man said "ni hao" 2 me, I'd have enough $ to find n kill the person who taught em how to say "ni hao"

so cool to see more Asians doing music fukk yeah aZn pRYDE~~!!!!!

They're just as ready for Halloween as they are for the new season of #StreetOutlaws! @AZN_Farmtruck

That's right @AZN_Farmtruck! Who's ready for a #StreetOutlaws marathon tomorrow from 6-10pm? NEW episode at 9/8c!

.@azn_famtruck is ready to be back on the list! Will the Farmtruck make the 10 spot?

FDA halts enrollment in AstraZeneca study of anti-PD-L1 immunotherapy in head/neck cancer over patient bleeding risk, $AZN -5%

Meet @AZN_Farmtruck at @SEMASHOW! #StreetOutlaws are hanging at Booth #60011.

Racing next to the Army Corps of Engineers? Not the smartest move, @AZN_Farmtruck. #StreetOutlaws

News of $AZN partial hold on I/O combo trial driving stocks: $BMY +7% $AZN -4% $MRK +1%

J&J takes one of its top blockbuster prospects to the FDA, in search of a big approval $JNJ, $AZN, $MRK $NVS

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Remember when Farmtruck and AZN went fishing in Hollywood? #ThrowbackThursday

Ghost in the Shell + #anime troubled history with aZn representation

I asked bae if she was azn she said "what?"

It's feeding time in the Shark Pool! @AZN_Farmtruck #StreetOutlaws

You'll get em next time, @AZN_Farmtruck! #StreetOutlaws

#Stocks to Watch Today: $HD, $LC, $AZN, $VOD

Looking for the best CrossFit gym and team to work out with in cleveland. Let an azn know

Poor Minute Rice didn't stand a chance against the Power Scare. #StreetOutlaws @AZN_Farmtruck

BONUS SCENE: Watch the making of Minute Rice! cc @azn_farmtruck


Most popular questions

What does AZN stand for?

AZN stands for "Asian"

How to abbreviate "Asian"?

"Asian" can be abbreviated as AZN

What is the meaning of AZN abbreviation?

The meaning of AZN abbreviation is "Asian"

What does AZN mean?

AZN as abbreviation means "Asian"

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