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What does BRO mean? It stands for Brother

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My bro

Except when you said that on: 3/27/16, 3/29/16, 4/3/16, & 5/4/16. Otherwise, cool story, bro.

.@RobbyMook Why'd you delete all your tweets bro? FBI got you shook? "#ImWithHer in prison."

I'm not your mate, bro.

Happy gday bro I miss you

.@MARCEBASSY yooooo you are sooooo cold bro. You make great music.

And from this day forward, not a single bro in Wrigleyville chose 1908 as his ATM pin code....

Me and my Big Bro have been reppin the @Cubs since day one! #tbt #flythew

It's not funny anymore, follow me bro, I'm done waiting on you @justinbieber

Love you bro @WeeklyChris

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i get it now bro @realDonaldTrump

Love you too bro

Who makes @2K ? So many questions for you bro! You make the game so difficult to do simple things. Like why I can't throw a outlet pass?

sushi with the lil bro @duhitzmark

If your girlfriend doesn't drive you crazy, then you have the wrong girl bro.

The 'Bro Throw'

Just got a call to #makeamericagreatagain Saddle up & ride, bro!! #godblessamerica

I dipped bro.

"My father was a small businessman. He worked really hard." #sheslays by basically calling him a daddy's boy bro #Debates2016


Most popular questions

What does BRO stand for?

BRO stands for "Brother"

How to abbreviate "Brother"?

"Brother" can be abbreviated as BRO

What is the meaning of BRO abbreviation?

The meaning of BRO abbreviation is "Brother"

What does BRO mean?

BRO as abbreviation means "Brother"

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