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What does AKA mean? It stands for Also Know As

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Memo to President-elect Trump: Just like "gay marriage," (aka equality) has been settled, so too has Roe. We're not going back.

Ezra Miller, aka Fanatical #FantasticBeasts Fan, takes some time to answer fan questions!

Presidents have shared classified with close family, AKA pillow talk. Not usually big stuff. But "my kids get TS/SCI" is new & frankly nuts.

.@mrdanfogler, aka Jacob Kowalski. Just wait!

Nicholas Aaron Young AKA #Swaggy3! His latest triple puts the Lakers up by 10 with 3:45 remaining in Sacramento!

in my home aka restoration hardware

Today is the 20 year anniversary of the release of the movie "Space Jam" aka the day the world changed forever.

best actors of all time aka goats: 1. Jake Gyllenhaal 2. Nick Cannon 3. Nick Cannon 4. Kiiara - Feels video

Female director, producer, Executive Producer, writer at the #TVD video village. Aka, the #vagillage.

The #StaroftheShow video AKA: my #mannequinchallenge is available to watch everywhere now!

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Get you a mans that can bring all the groceries in on the 1st trip from the car. Aka me. Hi I'm Austin.

My fans. YOU unlock those treasure chests. And help us grow. AKA. MORE shows, more tours,etc. so thank u for loving me so dearly. I love u:)

Some Love from the homie Torrey aka Cleats #agent89 #stevesmithsr #RavensFlock

The "gray" jay, AKA "whiskey" jack, is making heads explode inside The Canadian Press style guide brain trust today: CP style: grey / whisky

BREAKING NEWS: Veteran actor Ebenezer Donkor aka Katawere has been confirmed dead. Details soon ....

Jack Hunter, aka the Southern Avenger (who apologized for his old view), makes a case against Sessions

How will @aliaa08 aka Kaira handle her break up? Dekho! @GioneeIndia @RedChilliesEnt

Bonang and AKA: love, money, success:

Loves! I'm #nowblasting that HEAT aka @machinegunkelly + @camilacabello97 #BadThings! Love this! ox @TheEricaAmerica


Most popular questions

What does AKA stand for?

AKA stands for "Also Know As"

How to abbreviate "Also Know As"?

"Also Know As" can be abbreviated as AKA

What is the meaning of AKA abbreviation?

The meaning of AKA abbreviation is "Also Know As"

What does AKA mean?

AKA as abbreviation means "Also Know As"

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