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What does FBI mean? It stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Russians and FBI interfered with our election. You gonna accept that or fight back? #TheResistance #NotMyPresident

Voter suppression Russian hacking FBI collusion He has the office BUT HE IS NOT WELCOME HERE Keep investigating Keep protesting #NEVERtrump

Notice 2 all Trump supporters: All post-election threats against me or my family are being reported to the FBI. There is a price to pay now.

Today, the FBI thanks and honors all those who have served our country. Happy #VeteransDay.

Muslims are already registered, there are no-fly lists, there's the CVE program, there's all the monitoring of mosques, FBI informants.

we already have surveillance of muslim communities, FBI informants in mosques and student groups, have had for years

Telegraph: FBI's decision to reopen Clinton email probe enabled Trump to win election, says former aide Lewandowski

Lewandowski: FBI director's letter to Congress won Trump the election

Why are police chiefs and the FBI silent about the "Trump Effect," with so many reported hate crimes post-election?

I'd be President too if I had Russia and the FBI helping me.

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Attacks against American Muslims surged last year, driving an overall increase in hate crimes, according to the FBI

Lewandowski Says FBI Letter Was Key to Trump Win via @politicalwire

Corey Lewandowski credits FBI Director James Comey with helping Trump win. From @HuffingtonPost # via @HuffPostPol

Chris Christie might be the next Attorney General, Rudy Giuliani might be the next FBI director. Goodness gracious. #ElectionNight

Worried about Trump's access to the FBI and NSA cyber power? You should be:

Lewandowski: FBI director's letter to Congress won Trump the election

So, what's going on with that Clinton Foundation FBI probe

Lewandowski: FBI director's letter to Congress won Trump the election

Corey Lewandowski says FBI's decision to reexamine email case helped deliver Trump victory


Most popular questions

What does FBI stand for?

FBI stands for "Federal Bureau of Investigation"

How to abbreviate "Federal Bureau of Investigation"?

"Federal Bureau of Investigation" can be abbreviated as FBI

What is the meaning of FBI abbreviation?

The meaning of FBI abbreviation is "Federal Bureau of Investigation"

What does FBI mean?

FBI as abbreviation means "Federal Bureau of Investigation"

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