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What does DUCT mean? It stands for Did You See That

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I wonder how many rolls of duct tape you'd actually need to hold @jarpad down. #Supernatural

13- Trump is an anomaly. He is the bile duct of an angry, gasping white middle class that blames Washington and/or Wall Street 4 everything

The height of luxury has arrived. The Duct Tub. Get in now. Don't miss out.

Story of Tom Herman's path: Low-income housing, $5,000 salary, used bed, duct taped car and an unwavering rock.

'You can't fix that with duct tape': The ongoing problems of Donald Trump

"Hello, Costco? I'd like to buy out all the duct tape and canned goods in one of your stores. Is that possible?"

"Nurse, get me the CPM2000 and some duct tape and close the door behind you."

Police cars in Scotland "held together by duct tape"

Tumor has resumed growth in head, blocking sinus and tear duct. He has several more tumors in legs, neck and lungs. #MikeIV #LSU

3D-printed hyperelastic bone is like duct tape for bone surgeons

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Cat cruelly wrapped in duct tape is 'purring through' ordeal, rescuers say via @PEOPLEPets

A new treatment option offers chance of cure to select bile duct cancer patients

I sat on duct tape before all those matches..

sorry, the PS4 Pro is ~125% more powerful than the PS4. it's 2.25 times more powerful. it's more than two PS4's duct-taped together.

I sought to create the deadliest predator known to man. And in doing so, I duct taped a grenade launcher to a hippopotamus' head.

Weird home remedy: According to a study, 85% of patients who applied DUCT TAPE to warts were able to get rid of them within 2 months. #IFYL

LAPD says "suspicious package" was duct-taped pipe with wires apparently made to look like pipe bomb. Street opened.

You can tell by the sad little duct-taped together shoes all wireless industry CEOs have to wear, poor sods.

Someone wrapped this poor cat in duct tape and left him for dead


Most popular questions

What does DUCT stand for?

DUCT stands for "Did You See That"

How to abbreviate "Did You See That"?

"Did You See That" can be abbreviated as DUCT

What is the meaning of DUCT abbreviation?

The meaning of DUCT abbreviation is "Did You See That"

What does DUCT mean?

DUCT as abbreviation means "Did You See That"

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