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What does POOF mean? It stands for Good-bye

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November surprise goes poof: Woman drops lawsuit alleging Trump raped her when she was 13

All my verified mentions are gone. Verified users have a special tab to show mentions from other verified users, and poof. #Gone.

I did the math: If you took a mirror and reflected direct sunlight on a vampire 89 meters away, they'd be fine. Any closer, *poof*

And poof! Justin Trudeau's honeymoon is officially over. Enviros and (some, but not all) First Nations will go ballistic over LNG approval.

Billy Bush goes *poof*

"And like that... poof... he's gone."

#NowPlaying Mr CJ @djkennistarr - Poof Be Gone :: Tune In:

Oh man the satellite that went poof was focus of Zuck's trip to Nigeria, an interview I saw just last night on BBC

AbraCadabra! Disappear! poof!

Sick to admit to myself that whatever "power" I have to organize disappears the minute I center the death of a Black Woman. Poof! Gone.

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Remember that "white flight" is a very real thing. Look it up. Too many Black folks in an area and *poof*, yt disappears out of fear.

Marvel Avengers Alliance and its sequel go poof at the end of this month, because Disney

Not that you should care BUT MY COLUMN WAS DONE. On deadline. And now, poof. If I write angry tonight, well, now you know why.

Remember those long TSA lines? Poof! They're gone ...

Geez...Where did the weekend go? Poof! Snap! It's Monday again! But I'm alive and I'm breathing and that's a gift so Life is good! #Blessed

But yeah, it's an exquisite pain, being a fan at a moment like this. You're totally lost in the moment and then poof, see you in February.

'Honey Boo Boo' Star -- My Extra Thumb Went Poof, Here's the Proof! (PHOTOS)

#NowPlaying Mr CJ @djkennistarr - Poof Be Gone :: Tune In:

.@USATODAY: Remember those long @TSA lines? Poof! They're gone


Most popular questions

What does POOF stand for?

POOF stands for "Good-bye"

How to abbreviate "Good-bye"?

"Good-bye" can be abbreviated as POOF

What is the meaning of POOF abbreviation?

The meaning of POOF abbreviation is "Good-bye"

What does POOF mean?

POOF as abbreviation means "Good-bye"

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