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What does DNS mean? It stands for Domain Name Server

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We are continuing to mitigate a DDoS against our Managed DNS network. For more information visit our status page.

Twitter, Reddit, Github, PayPal and more suffered outage due to Massive #DDoS Attack against popular DYN DNS Service

Today's DNS DDoS attacks are a reminder of how vulnerable even little pockets of semi-centralization can make us. Hard problem to fix.

If passing around people's DNS lookup trails is not a massive ethics violation, I don't know what is.

And Trump's campaign confirms the DNS logs are legit! (But tries to downplay it as "regular DNS server traffic")

Feel like the Slate/Foer story on Trump's digital ties to Russia is important but needs a clear edit & review from someone who knows DNS.

Amazon's DNS server now resolves private DNS hostnames to private IPs for all IP ranges:

A bag full of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 #currency notes was found dumped in a dustbin near DNS Bank, Titwala, Maharashtra

Are DNS lookups content or metadata? What about email headers? It's complicated. If only someone wrote a paper...

Leading DNS experts say they've found a secret dedicated link between Trump and a giant Russian bank

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We're aware of an issue affecting DNS resolution for some customers and are working to fix it ASAP.

Jets lead after a weird 1st half 6-3. Also hold edges in ydg (192-148), 1st dns (9-7). Rams ahead in poss time (15:47-14:13).

A reporter asked me what has been done to prevent a repeat on Election Day. Nothing. Twitter still use Dyn as their sole DNS provider, even.

US to transfer internet DNS oversight after GOP sabotage effort fails:

WPBeginner Glossary: What is DNS? How to Change DNS Records #WordPress

Botnet 14 appears to be the one which DDoSed Dyn DNS, same bandwidth. It just sent this.

17.30 Situasi lalin di Tol Jagorawi arah TMII terpantau padat @Dony_DNS

Read the latest "Middle East DNS Study" on the Internet & DNS industry in the region- #ICANN

How to pass proper DNS to your @Docker #containers by @nimkar: via @releaseman


Most popular questions

What does DNS stand for?

DNS stands for "Domain Name Server"

How to abbreviate "Domain Name Server"?

"Domain Name Server" can be abbreviated as DNS

What is the meaning of DNS abbreviation?

The meaning of DNS abbreviation is "Domain Name Server"

What does DNS mean?

DNS as abbreviation means "Domain Name Server"

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