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Worries Invited For Ever
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What does WIFE mean? It stands for Worries Invited For Ever

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It'll make a great stocking-stuffer for my wife and daughter. Thanks Mr. Trump.

s/o to this golden moment where Trump let us all know that he doubted his own wife would vote for him.

Guy uses a drone to catch his wife of 18 years cheating on him

How come we don't ask Trump about his wife's political thoughts? I mean, they all seem SO obsessed with spousal thoughts...

wtf is wrong with y'all. How entitled do you have to be to expect a celebrity to put YOU over the safety of his wife/mother of his children.

No, DeAngelo Williams, you can't wear pink to honor your mom who died from breast cancer, but, Josh Brown, you can beat your wife - @NFL

Lmao dude used a DRONE to catch his wife cheating on him

Trump is checking out his wife's ballot. Cue internet explosion.

Both Bill Clinton's Vice President and his wife have won the popular vote without winning the Presidency.

Man builds special wheelchair to take wife on long walks

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Casual appreciation of my wife's glasses tweet. Tryin to be Clark Kent but she's fooling NO ONE THAT'S A SUPERHERO

My wife is a woman of color. White males on the left who smeared Hillary and helped Trump have endangered her life. Damn right I'm angry.

1. Steve Bannon was charged with domestic violence. He choked his wife. Police took pictures.

3. Records show that Bannon threatened his wife into missing the court date so that charges would be dropped.

4. Steve Bannon's wife said he was physical with their daughters & was verbally abusive toward them.

Park Joon Hyung and his wife are expecting their first baby!

Reasons I love my wife

He opens his eyes after three months. His wife lies next to him. He has no idea who she is.

Fearing his wife's pit bull would harm baby, then this happened


Most popular questions

What does WIFE stand for?

WIFE stands for "Worries Invited For Ever"

How to abbreviate "Worries Invited For Ever"?

"Worries Invited For Ever" can be abbreviated as WIFE

What is the meaning of WIFE abbreviation?

The meaning of WIFE abbreviation is "Worries Invited For Ever"

What does WIFE mean?

WIFE as abbreviation means "Worries Invited For Ever"

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