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What does LOL mean? It stands for Lots Of Love

Comments having LOL

I hate when that happens lol

I'll take the L for that dunk lol

these are the guys who are making america great again so dope to see much diversity and representatio..... lol

wow first time being no. 1 on real time search... thanks lol. and once again! there's nothing wrong with my health so don't worry!! :D

How good I look directly relates to how much I snapchat.... So when my snap game is weak af you know I'm not feelin myself that day lol

me: lol i'm not dramatic *someone doesn't reply for like a second* me: life goes on, with or without you

I really hope I continue to think the mannequin challenge is extremely stupid and not end up doing it in a couple days lol

I'm still 3rd on real time search. Whoa..weird lol Sorry I hid it/lied till now and thanks for all the love and support everyone! #BTOB

RT if you're that dirty minded friend lol

CBS News: "Democrats who polled for Hillary never showed up." Lol, I seem to recall someone saying (about 100 times) that would happen.

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ABC: "For landline respondents, interviewers ask to speak with the youngest male or youngest female at home." Lol, HRC bias much?

Pepsi CEO: "Women in my company say they don't feel safe." Lol, just tell them to stay away from Portland and they'll be fine.

@JohnKingCNN thx for the promotion!I'm sure you are proud of @CNN feeding questions to @HillaryClinton and being in the tank for her. Lol

remember burned CDs? LOL

Democrats: lose election after calling everyone racist. Continues to call everyone racist. #stopbannon lol

Ha I saw this guy talkin crap about me one time on Snapchat a while ago and he just emailed me saying he loves my vids & wants to collab lol

The Anderson's got tickets to the game? Lol

In the ABC Poll, Trump has gone from a 19 point lead to now tied w/ Independents in a week! Lol, THAT is preposterous.

do i really want to go out in the middle of rush hour rn? this is why i never leave my house cuz of traffic lol


Most popular questions

What does LOL stand for?

LOL stands for "Lots Of Love"

How to abbreviate "Lots Of Love"?

"Lots Of Love" can be abbreviated as LOL

What is the meaning of LOL abbreviation?

The meaning of LOL abbreviation is "Lots Of Love"

What does LOL mean?

LOL as abbreviation means "Lots Of Love"

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