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Good night
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What does GNITE mean? It stands for Good night

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Wow #Trump cant get anyone to show up at his convention! I'm sure this isn't the first time he hasn't been able to make someone come. Gnite!

For the 4th of July I shall sleep 4 more hours. Gnite

Now then... imma eat some Ramen, beat my meat, and pray. Gnite!

Gene Wilder, comic genius, a man so funny Pryor had to keep up with him is gone. Damn. Gonna watch Blazing saddles tonight. Gnite, Mr. Wonka

What's my favorite animal, you ask? The red panda (as pictured in this gif) Gnite!

Finally Florida gets it right Gnite Kids....Unite Kids

My whole life I've been told I don't belong--now we are about to vote in a man who wants to put that idea into law. Stunned silent. Gnite.


Just got home from the studio Gnite

WUwuwuw td gerimis, dingin betul di ojek wkakakaka pdhl dh pake jaket tebal(?) skg istirahat duluvya~ gnite

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The #streamys was coo! Imma skip the after party, order a medium rare steak, and make sweet love to my chick. Gnite!

Bis jetzt wach gewesen mit @JaySamuelz und an dem 2. Teil von MR_ROBOT.exe gearbeitet ._. #comingsoon #endlichschlafen #gnite #gmorning

3 hours left to buy space lamar @Trick2g gnite

And here's something to make sleeps adorable tonight. So gnite

I'm fighting so many urges rn and the strongest one is going downstairs and eating a donut. It's almost 2am I need to sleep lol gnite

Between that insane ep of GOT and this jawclenching NBA championship...Im so emotionally drained lol #gnite

k i just ordered a burrito and a massage c ya nvr lol gnite

Guys can any of u source and post a hi-def copy of my film rice plate please? Gnite

Hillary Clinton is aware of the phenomenon that is Ken Bone, per pooler @anitakumar01. Gnite y'all.


Most popular questions

What does GNITE stand for?

GNITE stands for "Good night"

How to abbreviate "Good night"?

"Good night" can be abbreviated as GNITE

What is the meaning of GNITE abbreviation?

The meaning of GNITE abbreviation is "Good night"

What does GNITE mean?

GNITE as abbreviation means "Good night"

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