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What does CCTV mean? It stands for Closed-circuit television

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The terrifying moment a toddler rides his toy car through traffic in China is caught on CCTV

Crackdown on jewellers has begun. Asked to submit details of all transactions between 8th and 12th November along with CCTV footage

Do you recognise this man? New CCTV of man slashing victim's face with knife

13,000 CCTV cameras will be installed across the state to boost security surveillance. #ItesiwajuEko

'Soul' leaves woman's body after fatal crash in Thailand (CCTV footage)

need to check the cctv in our garden to see if foxes, badgers and squirrels have been using our trampoline at night! :) #bustertheboxer

Exactly how CCTV cameras don't help. If a liftman was employed.. he could've averted a crime

Citizen spies: New Zealand police train public to watch CCTV for crime

PLSE RT - We urgently need your help after a serious sexual assault in Colne. CCTV of the suspect & full story here

We're supporting @HorseCharity's campaign for compulsory CCTV in equine abattoirs. Please sign their petition today:

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Kim Kardashian robbery: Paris police search for mysterious limo after CCTV footage found

Must read: How BVN, CCTV cameras exposed corrupt judges arrested by DSS. Read more:

Shocking CCTV shows a boy, thought to be aged just five, being used in a distraction burglary in London

Ahli Digital Forensik Sebut CCTV Kafe Olivier yang Diperlihatkan Jaksa Dimanipulasi.

Railways install CCTV at blind spot in Thane.

Check out this story tonight, on @CCTV thanks to @MercyForAnimals for their heroic undercover work.

The moment a father of seven was struck with a fatal punch captured on CCTV. @ABernhardt9 #9News

These two men used a five-year-old boy to steal from a charity shop. Can you help police catch them? CCTV video:

Kejahatan pada Malam Hari di Bandung Marak, Jumlah CCTV Ditambah.


Most popular questions

What does CCTV stand for?

CCTV stands for "Closed-circuit television"

How to abbreviate "Closed-circuit television"?

"Closed-circuit television" can be abbreviated as CCTV

What is the meaning of CCTV abbreviation?

The meaning of CCTV abbreviation is "Closed-circuit television"

What does CCTV mean?

CCTV as abbreviation means "Closed-circuit television"

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