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No Comment
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What does NC mean? It stands for No Comment

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In Durham county NC, machines are turned off. Going to paper rolls. If you are not on the roll, get a provisional ballot. DONT LEAVE. VOTE

.@JamesOKeefeIII SCORES AGAIN=> Video Captures Top Dem Donor Disparaging Blacks at NC Fundraiser


By ED, Trump is 142,000 votes ahead of where Romney was in NC and Romney won the state.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE RETWEET: NC FL and PA you have no excuse - free rides to the polls #govote!

In NC EV, voting by ages 22-29 dropped by a remarkable 66% from 2012. Millennials simply did not show up for Hillary.

MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN-->WRAL poll: Trump charges ahead in NC

Trump manager @KellyannePolls tells me: "we are banking on big day of vote in NC, FL, and NV" to offset Dem EV advantage

Trump won this election so big, he could have lost OH and NC and STILL won. He could have lost FL and won.

After today's updates from OR AZ WA CO IL CA NM MD NC: Clinton 62,947,053 48% 232 EV Trump 61,564,503 47% 290 EV

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KKK celebrating Bannon & holding celebratory rally for Trump in NC? Must be because of all those lost manufacturing jobs in the Rust Belt.

Easy to imagine CO/VA and IA/OH falling off 2020 battleground map. Meet your new top 10 targets: AZ, FL, ME, MI, MN, NV, NH, NC, PA, WI.

4th Circuit Court of Appeals said NC GOP tried to disenfranchise black voters "with almost surgical precision"

The contested Governor's race in North Carolina is unearthing rampant voter fraud efforts run by groups paid by the Democrat Party of NC.

My fraternity brothers found this during their state convention in NC over the weekend.

That smoke you see, smell? Yes, from western NC wildfires #ncwildfires #wral

Voter fraud complaints emerge in tight NC gov race via @foxnewspolitics

Viral image of KKK in NC debunked

My new @theACCDN Power Poll: 1) UofL 2) Clemson 3) FSU 4) VT 5) UNC 6) Miami 7) Pitt 8) GT 9) NC St. 10) WF 11) Duke 12) Cuse 13) UVa 14) BC


Most popular questions

What does NC stand for?

NC stands for "No Comment"

How to abbreviate "No Comment"?

"No Comment" can be abbreviated as NC

What is the meaning of NC abbreviation?

The meaning of NC abbreviation is "No Comment"

What does NC mean?

NC as abbreviation means "No Comment"

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