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What does NGL mean? It stands for Not Gonna Lie

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11.11 11:11 AM (pretty cool ngl)

FWB joins the "Over 20 million views on a music video" club today. Along with Keep Up and Lamborghini. Ngl, didn't expect that lol

Taylor is fakeeeeeee. Her current relationship is just for the media and now she gets caught lying jeeez. She's got some bangers though ngl

@tom_harlock okay i can't sleep in this room ngl a jacob sartorius tweet just fell on me

This is sick ngl, i think its the pyjamas.

Here's a nice (quite old ngl) video of Luke Hemmings making out with his guitar

of course.......I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH MORE THAN HERSHEYS COOKIE AND CREME (and ngl, I love that a lot)

Always remember the key differences between "aggressive" and "assertive." This slide changed my life, ngl.

I'm glad it's #Friday ngl what a week I've had !!!!!!

this Pokemon thing is freaking me out ngl

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#TOWIE is legit my favourite guilty pleasure ngl

Legit "ngl, it's not that deep" people are the actual worsstttt

@JonCozart @mmfa ngl I thought you could speak welsh judging from the first 2 words of the sentence

@KlNGWHORE ngl i definitely deserve that to say the least

@rubberducktroye ngl lowkey kinda a bop

#COP22: GUE/NGL blasts @realDonaldTrump's threat to pull out of Paris agreement

@partofnoworld @JohnGsJedhead Hahahaha so true so I do I do i dooooo ooo love orange soda but ngl I like you more

having an involuntary flashback to Farage on Brexit night ngl

Join the Institute and @CulturalVistas on 3/29 for a discussion with 2015 NGL Hafiz Rehmatullah to #EndTrafficking:


Most popular questions

What does NGL stand for?

NGL stands for "Not Gonna Lie"

How to abbreviate "Not Gonna Lie"?

"Not Gonna Lie" can be abbreviated as NGL

What is the meaning of NGL abbreviation?

The meaning of NGL abbreviation is "Not Gonna Lie"

What does NGL mean?

NGL as abbreviation means "Not Gonna Lie"

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