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What does H8 mean? It stands for Hate

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wit do u say to those committing h8 crimes in ur name T: i say stop it ok T: oh btw i hired a white supremacist to be my chief strategist

Got no time to H8 the people who H8 me, too busy loving the people who love me. TONIGHT 8PM #DragRace #AllStars2 on both @LogoTV & @VH1

DEAR WHITE MALES WHO H8 CLINTON: vote4 me! i LOVE guns freedom and G0D! #BARR2016

If you believe that we should all be equal please follow @elimin8_h8 @thegaysay @Sayidodownunder & @yesequality2016 4 #marriageequality

Harsh world of sport. Miss a stride into H8 & ruin an Olympic dream. Absolutely gutted but will give it my all if selected for the relay.

i badly regret that I helped the green party get on so many state ballots-not until well into my campaign did i realize the level of Jew h8.

I h8 Clinton worse than I h8 Trump!

What?! Why?! Did #steveBannon not want the h8 to go away?!! @CNN @maddow @hardball @foxnews @UnivisionNews

I h8 police brutality, racial profiling, racism & #BLM

Christ, I h8 to write columns but I'm going to have to.

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When you h8 your day but like ur dress.

Lol h8 ppl telling me 2rest I've been lying in a bed 4around 3 wks how much more rested u want me 2be? Shall I camouflage into the mattress

@jetbIackjeans luv u, but h8 group dms.

Mercury I h8 when u r in retrograde

@AnnaTichenor h8 dis

VIDEO: Report in, if you have suffered anti-Muslim h8 on public transport, 0800 456 1226,

A @agorarai con @gerrygreco, @aleSindaco @valecastaldini @Carlo_Martelli @vladfrulletti @rosariocrocetta @SabellaAlfonso @vsmaldore.h8 #Rai3

As a @nyknicks fan I h8 on every other @nba team as a fan should. In Ball. But I cannot dis their cities because I respect their fans surely

About time we give @Athletics Rich Hill some props. 8powerhouse IP (IP8,h8,r0,bb0,K6) picks up 7th win (7-3,2.18) as he beats Mariners 5-0.


Most popular questions

What does H8 stand for?

H8 stands for "Hate"

How to abbreviate "Hate"?

"Hate" can be abbreviated as H8

What is the meaning of H8 abbreviation?

The meaning of H8 abbreviation is "Hate"

What does H8 mean?

H8 as abbreviation means "Hate"

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