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Out of Facility
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What does OOF mean? It stands for Out of Facility

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Gnight. Relax your shoulders. The day makes 'em sieze up on all of us. Oof. Get some rest. Okay sleep easy

Thought Gregory Polanco and Starling Marte were going to be the most egregious All-Star snubs. Then Brandon Crawford got left out. Oof.

How was tonight's #RockyHorrorPictureShow remake? We ranked the performances, from best (@AdamLambert!) to...oof:

"Be so courageous that you'd Be willing to be misunderstood." - @bobgoff #OOF

Do not despair! There is such hope! At least you live in California! Unless you do not live in California in which case, oof, yeah, no hope.

Topics for tonight's debate: Really? Oof Oh C'mon Do We Have To? Jesus, Ugh Not This Again

Lester be like: shoulda trusted me, coach. Oof. #game7

Here's proof Oof Renato Sanches' real age.

@RobFieldBox you're mad AND living 10 years in the past, oof

May's only bilaterals were Estonia, Romania and Greece. Oof.

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The #USMNT could open the Hex against Mexico, then have to play at Costa Rica. Oof.

@GrandeAdore_ oof. Hang in there baby girl

Wow. Very anti-marriage equality, anti-trans students. Oof.

#Giants have blown 8 of 12 save chances this month, MLB high 30 this season. Oof

Hezonja being on here is an oof. At least the other guys are all non-shooters. He's really looked lost so far.

@Lin_Manuel @AIMenken Oof! That was EXQUISITE. Bravo, indeed! <sniffle>

The entire left side of the line. Oof.

Andrea Leadsom "a cross between Carly Fiorina and Michele Bachmann, except with less experience than either." Oof.

Senator Warren to Wells CEO John Stumpf: "Gutless leadership" Oof.


Most popular questions

What does OOF stand for?

OOF stands for "Out of Facility"

How to abbreviate "Out of Facility"?

"Out of Facility" can be abbreviated as OOF

What is the meaning of OOF abbreviation?

The meaning of OOF abbreviation is "Out of Facility"

What does OOF mean?

OOF as abbreviation means "Out of Facility"

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