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What does SNAFU mean? It stands for Situation Normal All Fouled Up

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It is worth repeating: Voters Had A Choice Between SNAFU and FUBAR - and enough were ready to risk #2 via @business

News: Eri Sasaki Peforms Original Theme For "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" Visual Novel

After blaming earthquake on UNESCO, Netanyahu's deputy causes diplomatic snafu with Italy @BarakRavid

Nick Jonas -- Election Day Snafu ... It's Me, NICK!!

WATCH: @jtimberlake's selfie snafu. Did the star break the law in a polling booth?

WATCH: @JTimberlake's selfie snafu. Did the star break the law in a polling booth?

Wolverine has a time travel snafu in this 'X-Men' animated short

EU-Canada deal snafu latest: extraordinary Coreper meeting at 8pm to 'try to find solutions on CETA', EU source says #EUCO

Dark Souls III's first DLC is out a day early on PC thanks to an Xbox snafu

Norm Kent files motion emergency hearing in medical marijuana ballot snafu case, says he has several more ballots missing Amendment 2/ Britt

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Orange blows up French govt website in terrorism censorship snafu

Count @keselowski @dennyhamlin among those confused by a mid-race #NASCAR scoring snafu at @MartinsvilleSwy.

An unidentified technical snafu in Washington County, Utah has affected voters in all 37 polling locations in the county. #ElectionDay

Samsung's snafu is Google's golden opportunity via @vladsavov

Huffington Post SNAFU, Again? - What's Up @huffingtonpost

Huffington Post SNAFU, Again? -

Tarmac SNAFU in Maine. The stairs aren't tall enough to get up to the exit of Trump's plane. Will he have to jump?

Huffington Post SNAFU, Again? -

The "Coat-switching" snafu reminds me of when an intern, transcribing one of my interviews, wrote "El Douche" instead of "Il Duce"


Most popular questions

What does SNAFU stand for?

SNAFU stands for "Situation Normal All Fouled Up"

How to abbreviate "Situation Normal All Fouled Up"?

"Situation Normal All Fouled Up" can be abbreviated as SNAFU

What is the meaning of SNAFU abbreviation?

The meaning of SNAFU abbreviation is "Situation Normal All Fouled Up"

What does SNAFU mean?

SNAFU as abbreviation means "Situation Normal All Fouled Up"

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