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What does W/E mean? It stands for Whatever

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For those of us who didn't get to run #LeMans this w/e here's some epic roadtrip locations: @fordeu

Idk. w/e

this was me figuring out why we are uploading so late but W/E HERES THE VLOG

Off to the coast this #BankHoliday w/e? Why not take part in #SeaweedSearch while there?

I do think it would make more sense to wait and protest Trump's presidential actions than to protest the election outcome itself, but w/e.

Did you hear the sound of racist and misogynist Twitter trolls' internal screaming? Probs the sound that will accompany this week, but w/e.

Yo! Join me & @CWNoTomorrow cast at the #PaleyFest next W/E..or don't...your life...(but do)

BREAKING l SSE Airtricity League clubs to hold minute's silence or applause at w/e games in honour of Milo Corcoran

I'm a Democrat, but it would be nice to have competent, thoughtful Republicans, so we can actually solve issues, instead of w/e this is.

He's done basically no townhalls (save w/e he's doing tonight). She has done many more. If predicting, don't overthink.

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just know w/e happens 2mrw im thankful for everyone of u and i love u with all my heart...cant w8 for u to hear it

Co-incidence? My sources tell me the lino who gave the Benteke pen on Sunday, Scott Ledger, doesn't get a game this w/e,in the Cup or League

it should be "if blink-182 WERE metal," because of the subjunctive clause but w/e idk.

And interestingly enough, some just need to wallow in it for a bit. Feeeel the annoyance, or w/e it may be. That's ok too tho :)

Trump just now says his critics don't understand "basic physics, basic mathematics, w/e you want to call it" those are two different things

Treadmills are tricky. w/e. @taylorswift13 #TAYLORvsTREADMILL

I have so many tickets to Guns n Roses at the Troubadour tonight it's like how am I even going to use all these take my dog or w/e?!

Couple of TV notes this w/e: Bellator is airing from 8-10 pm ET to not coincide with the UFC PPV & @BrianStann is doing the color for 198.

There is no dishonour in BMA seeking higher w/e pay for some Drs; indeed it may be sensible aim. But wd have been better to be open abt it.


Most popular questions

What does W/E stand for?

W/E stands for "Whatever"

How to abbreviate "Whatever"?

"Whatever" can be abbreviated as W/E

What is the meaning of W/E abbreviation?

The meaning of W/E abbreviation is "Whatever"

What does W/E mean?

W/E as abbreviation means "Whatever"

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