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Without A Doubt
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What does WAD mean? It stands for Without A Doubt

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#AWANInews Wad kecemasan Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru terbakar

Ey @realDonaldTrump kannsch du please gamblen allowen in einigen states again. The Boi will shippen do woisch wad I mein

#AWANInews Pesakit wad kelas tiga tidak dikenakan caj baharu jika terpaksa duduk kelas dua

[INFOGRAFIK] Caj baharu perkhidmatan wad pesakit kelas 1 & 2 di hospital kerajaan dinaikkan mulai 1 Jan 2017

Jeet geya Trump veer te haargi bhen Hillary.. Hougi shanti ki aaugi hun hanery ;;; Charda e Dollar ke wad da e...

DeMarcus Cousins "We have these slow starts and we have to spend so much energy having to fight back....It's like we blow our wad midgame."

#AWANInews Wad lelaki HRPB dikosongkan akibat litar pintas via @501Awani

O, wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us! It wad frae monie a blunder free us, An' foolish notion. #brexit #burns

#AWANInews Culik bayi: Hospital diarah asingkan wad bayi, wad pediatrik via @501awani

Dexter Fowler's HR off Andrew Miller wad hit 99.9 MPH... The 3rd hardest hit ball vs Miller in the playoffs

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#ICYMI Pesakit wad kelas tiga tidak dikenakan caj baharu jika terpaksa duduk kelas dua

Someone or someones just literally threw what appears to be a wad of cash onto the Senate floor from the gallery. Just another day!

Thursday's Sun: "Wad a waste" #BBCPapers #tomorrowspaperstoday (via @suttonnick)

Now Left doesn't say Marxwad, Leninwad or Stalinwad. They chant Congress-wad, says @MamataOfficial Instead of comrade, CPM says "Congrade"

Perry says Trump critics complain too much on policy diffs.: "If you want to get your panties in a wad over this issue or that issue..."

Daily Mail op-ed writer describes someone else as pompous. "Wad some power the giftie gie us..."

Bo pulled out a wad to give me a $1,000 I pulled pulled out my own wad Jessica says I don't even have $5 Bo says: because you're a socialist

FLUKE that I was there when Clintons killed Vince Foster but they said, Keep yr mouth shut or you're next! Gave me a wad of Foundation cash

just let em b ..dey gone do wad dey wanna do anyway..


Most popular questions

What does WAD stand for?

WAD stands for "Without A Doubt"

How to abbreviate "Without A Doubt"?

"Without A Doubt" can be abbreviated as WAD

What is the meaning of WAD abbreviation?

The meaning of WAD abbreviation is "Without A Doubt"

What does WAD mean?

WAD as abbreviation means "Without A Doubt"

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