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What does 4EVER mean? It stands for Forever

Comments having 4EVER

Happy bday @ddlovato love u 4ever ...

Just two tiny Nickelodeon babies. Happy birthday to my 4ever bday twin @HeffronDrive ! Love you!

can someone make me a happy layout I will luv u 4ever

@ElJuanpaZurita me + you = 4ever!!!! Lol

Tango 4ever ! #dals #dals7 #dance #tango #roxanne


awake 4ever

Ruby Rose and The Veronicas' Jess Origliasso are dating again after what seems like 4ever:

fam 4ever #efnd

Regardless of the election results tomorrow, God will continue to be the same God. Yesterday, Today and 4Ever!

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A road tunnel has 125 yrs of life. If the #StonehengeTunnel goes ahead it will moulder 4ever as our contribution to the Stonehenge landscape


the song fire x desire has a special place in my heart 4ever.

Here's hoping Trump's hotels wrecked aft election/have 2 sell 2 some1 else: that way, employees keep jobs but Trump ruined. Crush him 4ever

lets work 2gether so we dont have 2 work 4ever

Wait on a phone for an hour only to have to call back. Then sit in a bank for 4EVER~ for a temp card. Still haven't eaten. So hungry lol >_>

#GeneWilder "So shines a good deed in a weary world." Thank you for the laughs, the love. R.I.P. with Gilda 4ever.

Well-tread punditry path: Wk 1.) Dak's preseason meaningless Wk 3.) He hasn't thrown TD Wk 4.) Hasn't beaten anyone Wk 6.) Romo done 4ever!

Rihanna and Drake 4ever


Most popular questions

What does 4EVER stand for?

4EVER stands for "Forever"

How to abbreviate "Forever"?

"Forever" can be abbreviated as 4EVER

What is the meaning of 4EVER abbreviation?

The meaning of 4EVER abbreviation is "Forever"

What does 4EVER mean?

4EVER as abbreviation means "Forever"

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