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What does JSYK mean? It stands for Just So You Know

Comments having JSYK

There's a peculiar type of sexism about females CONSTANTLY barraged on whether they are pregnant. I AM NOT, and JSYK I never will be. #END

There's a cat that weighs 30 pounds and is four feet tall, jsyk.

Hey you. Yeah you! @TheVampsBand x @TheRundown899's #Surprise899 announcement is dropping today. JSYK!

......plz no.... JSYK moves that bury can jab lock infinitely so you don't go OMG WHY but like....omg why...

#JSYK. Electronic devices are not allowed in CSIS offices, including cell phones, fitbits and USBs.

dear media outlets: myself and my teen squad are available to explain "delete your account" + other lingo if you need us jsyk

@StLouisBlues A+ costume. PS your fans want you on @RedditHockey, jsyk.

I am your number one consumer of hot funyuns jsyk @TheRealFunyuns

Most popular questions

What does JSYK stand for?

JSYK stands for "Just So You Know"

How to abbreviate "Just So You Know"?

"Just So You Know" can be abbreviated as JSYK

What is the meaning of JSYK abbreviation?

The meaning of JSYK abbreviation is "Just So You Know"

What does JSYK mean?

JSYK as abbreviation means "Just So You Know"

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