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What does B4 mean? It stands for Before

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. @adamglyn My client @BrockLesnar and I congratulate you on getting @Goldberg's final comments b4 he is beaten, victimized and conquered!

PLS SIGN: Give Trump tax returns 2 Electoral College *B4 Vote* for due diligence on potential conflicts of interest.

.@Thenewyorker calling a Trump presidency a "tragedy" B4 he is even inaugurated (!) is as absurd as Obama getting Nobel Peace prize in 2009

3) @DWStweets set Dem debates on Sat night b4 Christmas, Sunday nights, and any time majority of people wouldn't watch 2 HIDE @BernieSanders

We are planning rallies in major cities on protecting our interests. It will culminate in DC on 1/14 MLK weekend and right b4 inauguration.

So did Cleveland & GSW... we've seen this b4

Dear @PMOIndia, India's experiencing severe trauma. Might be prudent to consult a good doctor b4 it's too late. Dr Manmohan Singh, perhaps?

I was an immigrant in paris b4 I became French, presidents changed but I never lost my right to free medical service.. W fight 4 our rights

Worry DNC chair is full-time job, so is serving in Congress. DWS did both jobs badly. Dems suffered GOP biggest gains in 80 yrs b4 last week

HOLY KALE!?! My sister @erinelyse1130 is less than 2,000 subs away from 100k! Let's get her there B4 tomorrow's vid!

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I SAID B4 BY 2050 USA would no longer exist as is.I predicted it was too swollen&divided to exist in 21C.BIG nations are a old idea #CALEXIT

S/O to all the people making that sacrifice. Some of you might be less talented than the person not sacrificing, but you'll make it b4 them!

Trump needs to talk to world leaders b4 the inauguration. He should not be doing so on his damn cellphone. Don't be Hillary with worse hair.

Christmas tour rehearsals get me in the holiday spirit long b4 weather gets cold or lights go up-started Nov 1st this year! #AmyGrantChat

I think the real question here is who let Trump have his twitter acct back & how many times he told them he was the MF president b4 they did

Sweating with soul b4 the sun comes up! Started this Monday w/ 5:30a spin @soulcycle #rotx. #mondaymotivation

Lady Hale is a very, very good judge but she shouldn't have gone near the subject of Art 50 b4 hearing the appeal.

ATHLETES: B4 you put stuff in your body, check your org's banned substances. Good grief. This sh@$'s not rocket science. #AlshonJeffery

Our friend Clark died on way to Standing Rock, 1 day b4 Trump's win, & just in time to haunt fascism w a vengeance


Most popular questions

What does B4 stand for?

B4 stands for "Before"

How to abbreviate "Before"?

"Before" can be abbreviated as B4

What is the meaning of B4 abbreviation?

The meaning of B4 abbreviation is "Before"

What does B4 mean?

B4 as abbreviation means "Before"

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