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What does ATM mean? It stands for Automatic Teller Machine

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Overall opponent record: Ala 26-21 OhSt 18-20 Mich 21-18 Clem 27-15 aTm 23-16 Wash 14-23 UL 22-19 Neb 15-22 Baylor 8-26 WVU 17-14 Tenn 34-11

Yoohooo... No Queue Relaxed Atmosphere ATM Working @HDFC_Bank Bhopal @India_MSM

Meanwhile in a Q at ATM she looked in his eyes. She: I don't have a boyfriend. He: Tu kuch bhi Kar le bahen, line me agge nahi Jane dunga.

Been in ATM lines twice now. At least in Udupi, disciplined crowds and *overwhelming* support for Modi. Even senior citizens not complaining

Maybe we can call this ATM calibration issue a Why-2K problem?

My life is a full on stress atm..

Rahul Gandhi went to ATM with four security gaurds, that's four times the no. of security gaurds that ATM had. #BlackMoney

I'm rich! Rs 500 notes from the newly recaliberated ATM

Went to three ATMs. None are functional. Overheard: ATM ki Tarah bjp ki dukaan bhi band hogi ab. #Demonetisation

Dear NBT, in case you haven't noticed, see the 'No Cash' sign on that ATM. Now stop wondering why 'small queue'

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Trump used his charitable foundation as a "personal ATM," Harry Reid says, citing reports

PSV 0-1 ATM (FT) - Victoria CLAVE para el Atleti que sigue sin perder ante el PSV: tres victorias y dos empates en cinco enfrentamientos.

Lucunya hari ini, dua kali (hampir) kehilangan sesuatu. Yang pertama, dompet. Kedua, kartu atm.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid calls the Trump Foundation "Donald Trump's personal ATM machine."

Side note: Really into @donaldglover atm! Never listened to him ever before but gave him try and really enjoying it :D

Council worker put his axe through a water pipe and soaks customers waiting to use ATM

It'd be ambitious for Turnbull to call a joint sitting on the ABCC given that he can't even manage the houses sitting on their own atm...

Uganda State House turning into an ATM, says university don via @dailymonitor

Terrifying! You may using ATM machines wrong your whole life


Most popular questions

What does ATM stand for?

ATM stands for "Automatic Teller Machine"

How to abbreviate "Automatic Teller Machine"?

"Automatic Teller Machine" can be abbreviated as ATM

What is the meaning of ATM abbreviation?

The meaning of ATM abbreviation is "Automatic Teller Machine"

What does ATM mean?

ATM as abbreviation means "Automatic Teller Machine"

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