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What does BW mean? It stands for Best Wishes

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Publicly and privately we are already hearing frustration from Trump camp about the coordination bw RNC and Team Trump. @alivitali

Always training... sometimes posting... 80lbs, 40lbs, BW #DoTheWork #MidnightWorkout @DeFrancosGym @StephMcMahon

Trump can quickly, dramatically transform US immigration policy, even without Congress My story in new issue of @BW

This @JoshuaGreen @sissenberg piece will rightly dominate in political circles today. via @BW


Funny, interesting interview bw legendary @MatWhitecross and lovely @edibow PH

People don't know how to disagree w/ BW without trying to remove personal agency, gender, and Blackness. It's creepy as hell and disturbing.

In @BW's election issue: Donald Trump's data team saw a different America (and got it right)

Trump didn't win the prez election so much as Clinton lost it. How will a Trump presidency work for India? My BW col

Remember senior Trump official openly told BW, "We have three major voter suppression operations under way."

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I call a moratorium on BW doing post-election organizing We have done enough Let the rest of them figure out the path to liberation

Quit looking to BP, particularly BW to 'save' this country when this country hates us every chance it gets. No, this was not Obama's fault.

Folks looking at Michelle to 'save' them just like Dems were looking to Black Ppl (BW) to save them. We showed up. DT still won.

Others have said it but @CountryMusic using Bey to promoted their show then erasing her from the narrative is a metaphor for BW's lives.

11 months after retiring from SC2 look who's back at #1 in BW...

Here's @BW's annual ranking of full-time U.S. MBA programs. @HarvardHBS is the clear No. 1

Retweeting BW > retweeting their plagiarists.

SUNDAY'S NEW EPISODE Don't miss reading BW's info-packed blog and a first look at Sunday's new episode of...

IT'S BW'S BLOG! Don't miss reading BW's blog. It's always packed with info you need to know, #AmberNation.


Most popular questions

What does BW stand for?

BW stands for "Best Wishes"

How to abbreviate "Best Wishes"?

"Best Wishes" can be abbreviated as BW

What is the meaning of BW abbreviation?

The meaning of BW abbreviation is "Best Wishes"

What does BW mean?

BW as abbreviation means "Best Wishes"

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