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What does ATTN mean? It stands for Attention

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How to Make Your Congressman Listen to You via @attn

If u think harassment of @Lesdoggg & rise of @realDonaldTrump r coincidental, u aren't paying attn. @AmandaMarcotte

No parade for @RonLeary75 but #Cowboys fans who pay attn know Leary did exactly for La'el what #Romo doing for #Dak - how good room works.

I'm so sorry 2b a bummer but as much as want to we really can't look away. Pay close attn & con't to protest.

Non-compliance does not constitute an imminent threat. Nor does it warrant deadly force. Attn Police: PLEASE stop killing black people

.@ConstanceWu is voting for equal pay for women. What are YOU voting for? #3Minutes #VoteWithATTN

Study reveals middle-aged women had better memory capabilities than their male counterparts. via @attn

When harvard profs start wearing Modi t-shirts & shaming India at intl health conferences, it is time to pay attn

A stark look at the difference between how we treat people who have committed crime, compared to Germany: h/t @attn

The lords of baseball and TV have set the time for the 4/2 season opener at Arizona. 1:10 PM PDT. It'll be on ESPN2. (Attn Bum, Greinke).

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UPDATE: #Tenderloin standoff ends, armed suspect in custody and is receiving medical attn. MORE AT 6

Pay attn America this is the only guy saying WE not I!

**ATTN SJW College Students** Obama wants you to leave @Nero alone ->

my take >> "I Support the Nominee" is going to wilt fast under the hot glare of attn Trump brings every day.

(Badass) Black Americans left out of Wild West lore. Attn must be paid to Mary Fields. Read:

"25% of people with eating disorders are men" - Important conversation: See the video #HeForShe @NevSchulman @attn

Rocking my favorite #catfish skype call @Attn shirt.

do yourself a favor & just block ABanks. seriously. everyone needs to stop giving her attn. she's so lost.

Here are three simple things you can do to protect yourself & your communities from #Zika. @attn


Most popular questions

What does ATTN stand for?

ATTN stands for "Attention"

How to abbreviate "Attention"?

"Attention" can be abbreviated as ATTN

What is the meaning of ATTN abbreviation?

The meaning of ATTN abbreviation is "Attention"

What does ATTN mean?

ATTN as abbreviation means "Attention"

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